Oscar Movie on Netflix: The Power of the Dog, let’s find out

Among the movies not to be missed on the Netflix catalog for this month but also for the future, especially if you like Oscar-winning movies, we recommend The power of the dog. Among the idol night favorites, the film eventually won only one Oscar, for Best Director. Thomas Savage told the selected story for the film in his 1967 novel The Power of the Dog. Jane Campion decided to make a cinematic reinterpretation of the critically acclaimed. It’s good to say right away that we’re facing a film not for all palate, if we can say. In fact, the story invites us to reflect on the fact that the events described in the film are rare but the deep meaning of the whole story will awaken something powerful in you, so that you will try to fully understand what the film really means. In fact, after watching the film and not knowing the plot of the novel, many wondered what the ending of the story meant. More than 2 hours for The Power of the Dog which will engage you emotionally.

It all revolves around the story of two brothers, who built a small empire as pastoralists and now have a farm to manage. One of them accidentally meets a widow whom he falls in love with and whom he will soon marry. The widow who has a son, with a mysterious character, who is actually the real protagonist of the movie. And the power of the dog, what does this title mean? Symbolism throughout the narrative will capture those who decide to dive into this story company. If Phil, one of the protagonists of the story, sees something powerful and positive in the face of a dog in the mountains, this is not true of Peter, who has his own special interpretation that points to the Bible. . Dr. quoted the boy in the picture Verse 22:20This includes Book of Psalms: “Save the soul from the sword, save the heart from the power of the dog. “. And we can well assume that the dog’s strength therefore has no positive meaning.

Plotter and spoiler in the final

The power of the dog: the plot of the Oscar movie

The story begins in the 1920s and takes place in Montana. Heroes Brothers Phil and George Barbank, Rich farm owners. During one of their trips with Paul, they meet Rose Gordon as an innkeeper who prepares a dinner for them at his inn. As George quickly conquers Rose, on the other hand the dangerous Phil, influenced by their late mentor “Bronco” Henry, Rose’s son makes fun of Peter, for his amiable behavior. George tries to correct his brother’s mistake, and in the following weeks he will return to see Rose several times, falling in love with her so quickly that he marries her in the utmost secrecy. The woman decides to go to the farm when Peter goes to a nearby college.

Rose may expect to find a different climate at home but things are complicated. Phil dislikes him, Believes that she married George only for her money. Rose, in turn, could not stand her rude behavior and her provocative attitude. A family dinner will change the fate of Rose, who will start drinking after being insulted by her brother-in-law, just as her late husband, who committed suicide, did.

When Peter returns home from summer vacation, he realizes that his mother is going through a difficult time; Continue to study animals and surgery but at the same time befriend Phil who seems to have changed his mind about him. Rose worries about the strange friendship that develops between Peter and Phil, and her alcohol-related condition worsens. One day Phil is injured in an accident and is furious to see Rose selling leather, he wants revenge. But Peter gives him some raw leather which he got and invites him to finish the rope. Phil will die in a few days. After her brother-in-law’s death, Rose seems to be getting better …

The strength of the dog: the meaning of the end

What may seem like a trivial story is actually a narrative full of symbols, the ending of which can be explained. In fact, the most attentive must understand several things. Let’s start with Phil: The guy has always kept his homosexuality a secret. He probably fell in love with his friend and mentor Bronco Henry but he was never able to announce it publicly, for fear of being identified as a “fag” that he would do with Peter himself, precisely because he feared he had run away from reality. She has a very strong bond with her brother, as if time had stopped in their childhood, so much so that she still sleeps in their bed at home. This is also the reason why she hates Rose, because her brother has cut himself off from that past world and turned the page, which he is still very childish and immature, does not forgive him. He lives to think of Bronco Henry and he falls in love with her, This is especially understandable in a very powerful scene; The scene shows Phil first smelling the Bronco handkerchief and then masturbating with it. On the other hand, the one who immediately realizes his hidden homosexuality is Peter, the most mysterious of the movie’s heroes. Peter pretends to be friends with Phil but in reality he has only one purpose: to protect his mother.

Did Peter kill Phil voluntarily?

This is why it is becoming clear what Peter’s plan was. Taking advantage of Phil’s weakness, who probably fell in love with the boy, to blindly believe him. Not knowing where it came from, Phil was led to process the raw skin of a dead animal. The animal was sick and Peter knew it well, giving the skin of the corpse in his own hands. The open wound on Phil’s hand also accelerated the healing process: In fact, the anthrax infection spreads earlier, killing people within a few days.

Peter, who knew very well what he was doing, would understand when he hid under the bed the famous rope that Phil had worked with (he would use gloves to do this because he knew it too, contact with the epidermis could be fatal). ). So it would appear that the most tragic character is Peter, who has studied everything in detail. Real murder without any suspicion.

Did Peter kill his father too?

Among other things, the rope would seem to symbolize what it was. Peter confessed to Phil that he had found his father, a good alcoholic, who had committed suicide. He hanged himself, probably with a little like Phil was working for him. So we can’t help but think that Peter may have killed his father too, to save Rose. There may be an unconscious desire to eradicate all men who are a part of her mother’s life. She may have done it with her father, she may have done it with Phil that is the cause of her mother’s drinking problem. There is another doubt about the ending: will he do it with George?

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