At the end of the treatment he returned to his little man

In the picture: Credit: Edoardo Contato

Stories of affection, resilience and hope. That’s it Cat Artem And his man, a five-year-old Ukrainian boy with autism: both Fled the warOnce they get there they are separated Venice Because Artem has come out Positive for Kovid And then they reunite thanks to the teamwork of Ulss 3 Serenissima and Civil Protection.

The story was told by Edgardo Contato, general manager of USL3 Serenissima, which underlines all its humanity and depth. Artem, a five-year-old black cat, held Kiev in the arms of his little man and his mother: Family travel for four days Until arriving in Venice, where mother and baby swabs were done. The baby was negative, the mother was positive, though asymptomatic, and movedNoel Refugee CenterThe test was conducted in a room in a department reserved for Ukrainian refugees.

Cat Artem was unable to follow them immediately: as was the case with pets from Ukraine, she was assigned to the Uls 3 Serenissima Veterinary Service to check her health. And it was at Uls Veterinary Clinics that, in addition to verifying his vaccine status, veterinarians ran an antibody sample. Anger It’s one swab The Oropharyngeal and Rectal and Surprises for Covid Research are: Artem tested positive.

The cat was evaluated in a sanitary bond to provide care and support at the Veterinary Institute of Molecular Biology and Veterinary Clinics at Ulce 3 at the Zuprophilactic Institute in Venezuela and Maestrino del’Angelo Hospital: He asked about Artem every day – told the civil protection volunteers in the metropolitan city of Venice, who together with the health workers of Uls 3 followed the family from Mestre station to their full location in Noel -. But health veterinarians have assured him, I am sending him pictures And explain to the child that they are treating his friend and Artem will be back to him soon. ‘

“Not for fear and inappropriate intercourse: humans infected the cat”

“She is a humble and caring cat. It has become more important for us to treat, vaccinate and protect her. Therapeutic aspects that pets may have Against a child with autism spectrum disorder – explained Carmine Guadagano, director of the health agency’s Veterinary Services – but be careful Don’t create alarms and inappropriate interactions Between Cats and Covid 19. The cat was infected, not by contrast, had a mild form of the virus and is now well.

Gain’s explanation is fundamental, especially in the light of some Fake news Which spread at the beginning of the epidemic, and especially in light of what is happening these days in China, where a new wave of transmission from Kovid-19 has led to the killing of pets. However, there is no scientific basis for spreading the virus from petsAnd for the CDC, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk that cats and dogs could infect humans is very low.

Professor Giovanni de Gardo, Former Professor of General Pathology and Veterinary PhysiopathologyTeramo UniversityThe virus is mutated in species other than mink and has not been reported to return to humans. For example, according to scientific evidence, There was a transformation from human to a cat, Like the ‘English variant’, but not otherwise. Now it is clear that the study must continue. So it is possible, statistically, that humans infect pets in a different way than they do.

Artem reunited with his man and his mother in anticipation of a younger brother

In the case of Venice, Artem stayed Positive for 14 days, Two weeks where life, for her little man and her mother, has saved a number of positive surprises since the war wounded. The first is a house found for them in San Steno de Livenza, the second is the mother, who was tested negative, She found out she was pregnant. Third, that Artem could finally Become part of the family againGoing to expand.

“In these situations of urgency and hardship, where war and disease overlap, our healthcare operators try to be present and helpful at every level,” said Kantato. Central importance for, as in the case of the child in this story. Between epidemics and wars, taking care of a pet can thus become a small oasis of safety.

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