Catalan Sheep Dog Nutrition: Dosage, Frequency and Food

Its power supply Dog dPer Catalan Shepherds, all suitable food, to feed this breed in the right amount and at the right time.

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To make your four-legged friend a happy animal, hugs and play sessions are not enough, but giving him a healthy and complete diet is essential.

In this paragraphSo We are going to suggest feeding the sheep dog Catalan.

G.Food suitable for reproduction, necessary nutrition and measurement will be provided.

Try and do a good job, It is essential to know Good race Features, Lifestyle And other factorsThe sole purpose is to provide proper nutrition for your dog.

Catalan sheep dog nutrition: Amount

Catalan sheep dog food, It cannot be generalized, however It must be based on individual sample lifestyles.

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Just whyCatalan sheep dog There is a different way of life from any other species Unless it’s a sheep dog, A certain diet must be established.

Shepherd dog This is an animal that likes to be outdoors, likes mountains and physical exercises.

Because of this, It is completely different from the calories it burns Those Any dog ​​living in the apartment It can burn.

Therefore, it is not possible to give the same amount of food to any other dog breed.

To know more about the variety, we are going to describe the type of variety.

The Catalan Shepherd dogThis is a dog Cut Medium, fairly strong body, 47-55 cm tall and equipped with a weight of about 18 kg.

About it A The perfect breed led the sail But it also fits into family life, the important thing is that hours are reserved for it outside and for walking.

It is often used as a watch dog, Being enriched with a strong defensive and regional nature.

He is very skilled in sports and As we mentioned Requires a lot of exercise.

Based on this description of the lifestyle of the breed, it should be emphasized that it needs to be fed 2 times a day..

For the required quantity, knowledge of other factors is essential to meet its daily needs, such as: gender, age, constitution and health status of individual specimens.

In general, A sample Adult Race Shepherd dog In Catalans, it requires about 350-450 grams of dry food per day Divide, as mentioned earlier, into at least two meals a day.

Furthermore, precisely because it is always running, it carries the risk of dehydration, which is why it requires more bowls of pure water.

L.On the other hand, the Catalan Shepdog puppy diet differs from that of adults, at least until the puppy is weaned (between the sixth and seventh week), then it can Dog food adjustment, following The table shows the feed package.

What to feed a Catalan sheep dog: Nutrition

Nutrition is essential for the growth of a healthy puppy. But do you know which one is right for your Catalan sheepdog?

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Whatever the type of power supply That you want to give your Catalan sheep dog, Essential nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are essential For each sample organism.

As a type of power supply, Dry or wet food, It must contain the mentioned nutrients.

However, the type of feeding choice (kibble, wet / dry food or BARF) is often determined by the dog’s lifestyle, preferences and your spending budget.

Anyway, Always It is best to seek advice from your veterinarian who is aware Any health problems of your Catalan sheep dog.

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Risk of a wrong diet: What should not be given to Catalan sheep dogs

Feeding unsuitable food for your dog It can cause serious damage to the health of the animal.

May cause digestive problems And In addition the animal may show A Hair But not burning anymore Dull and bristly.

Foods that can be toxic to dogs include: Food Spicy, Excessively seasoned or saltyFermented cheese, lemons, fried foods, fresh bread, sweets and chocolate And drinks like Coffee.

Remember that what we humans eat cannot be given to our four-legged friends.

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