Francesco Pacero raises his tennis bar: “I have room for improvement”


A young and emerging tennis player in the Italian scene. Francis Passaro Dreaming of the most important tournament in the circuit, he is performing well. After very good testing and several victories, small holiness seems to have come later Sunremo Tournament Which saw Perugian rise to the finals of the competition. But where can this guy go that, predicted, could soon join our local racket giants?

Speaking of Francesco Passaro

Here is what the Italian tennis player said to the microphone Tennis fever:

How satisfied are you with starting your season from 1 to 10?

“Eight. There have been some turning points in the last two weeks. I knew I could do better, but I didn’t expect to get to that conclusion so soon.”

What awareness has Sanremo given you?

“Of course it gave me a lot of awareness, now I have a lot more confidence in my qualities and I watch the matches differently: I know I can play it equally with anyone.”

What fascinates you about Runu?

“He plays both forehand and backhand very well. He works hard and is winning awards for proving himself to be a great tennis player. I’m not surprised.

What was the key to keep up with him?

“In the first set I was very excited and started fouling, maybe I gave him too much rhythm. Then, in the second set, I try to raise the trajectory and it starts to fight. He always tried to get inside the field, to stay close, and I picked up the trajectories and smashed the cards. “

After the brackets in the barlet, where do you start?

“I trained in Tirenia for two weeks and then, presumably, at the invitation of the federation, I will play in the pre-qualification of Internazionale d’Italia. I will start playing in the Challengers again later. “

You have made significant progress in the past. What time do you feel?

“Well that margin is quite a bit. I’ve improved the backhand a lot, but I know I can make the most of it. As well as serve and forehand. But suppose I want to do more on the strategic side than the technical side. A lot of times I don’t stick to my assurances, like in a match I lost the other day against Jackie. I often make wrong choices, probably because of tension or fatigue. It’s something I have to work hard to correct even though I know I don’t have to rush. If someone told me two weeks ago that I would get this good result …

There garra, However, you will not miss this …

“I have it and it pushes me during the match. Of course now my goal has changed a bit. I set my sights on entering the top 350 earlier this year, but I realized that was not enough for me. “

Favorite surface and why …

“I say the world, because I won a tournament in Tunisia in February. I’ve played a bit on the hard court in the past but this year he’s been helping me a lot. Now let’s take a look at what happens in Challenger because I compare myself to high level players. “Anyway, I think concrete is very important to complete me as a tennis player.”

Are there any players related to you?

“Probably a ‘former theme’ that has a service, a great forehand, physical strength”.

You and many other young Italians could soon be in the top 100 of the world rankings. What is the air behind the screen?

“We are all calm, one by one. Competition inspires us, there is no violence or envy. Everyone has their own way, but we started together from the junior tournament and I hope one day we will all play the most important tournament. That would be a beautiful thing. “

The goal of 2022?

“By the end of the year, I want to go one step further. I want to play in the Australian Open qualifiers. So close to 240 in terms of ranking. It would not be a tragedy if I did not return it, but that is the goal. “

Where do you want to be one year from now?

“I’m not in a hurry, because the pressure only makes the performance on the pitch worse. If I really had to, I would say I want to be in the top 150 in the world. “

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