Georgia Pedon and Lorenzo Ferry winners of the 45th International Under-18 Tournament “Città di Firenze” [VIDEO ESCLUSIVI]

Against Daniel Evans at the end of the match We’ve been able to catch Musetti for a post-match flying interview in a mixed area (color note for the general public: the mixed area is the area where athletes, after a race, meet with journalists and give short interviews. Not open – in this case the home club pool for athletes – it’s a slightly mixed area; sorry for the incident, but we have to apologize to another Lorenzo (Sonego) who brought the match today and we couldn’t interview him, unfortunately we were on time Couldn’t get myself out… but at least you can learn by mistake).

Q: At one point in the second set it seemed like the lights went out, tell me what happened?

A: Actually he was good at his game and on the other hand I started to hurry a little bit, but I am happy with the attitude I kept, I stayed there to bring the set to a tie break. .. then the tie break was crazy, with a lot of good points, but even there I will focus on the attitude which is the important thing.

D: This is your second match with Evans, there was some disagreement in Cagliari, now it’s all over?

A: Yes, absolutely, we made it clear today that he praised me at the end of the game and there was no discussion on the contrary; It was a very sporting match, with a lot of respect from both of us. He is a very good player and fights every time.

Q: What did you think when you started doing several serves and volleyballs in a tie break?

A: Okay, we know how he plays and he is very good at serving and volley, he puts pressure on me but I am happy with the way I answered.

Q: What is your goal for the rest of the soil season?

A: I have not set specific goals for myself, I want to maintain this attitude, which helps me to play well on the ground, but not on other surfaces. I hope I can maintain this mentality starting with training. I have no expectations, but I’m sure there will be results with this attitude and this mindset. It doesn’t matter if you reach a certain point like the quarter finals or the semifinals; The important thing now is to think about the next match and take revenge against Schwartzman

Q: What is your opinion about these first two matches?

A: It was two tough games, especially the last set against Evans, which was very difficult till the last point. I relied on my greatest experience compared to the match with Sebastian (base). In general I’m happy and I think I’m playing good tennis and I’m really enjoying it here in Barcelona.

Q: What is the main lesson you have been taking since 2021?

A: Of course the most important lesson is concerned with the emotional side, I started working with a psychologist, trying to take care of all the details on and off the field; It’s really a long job that takes time, but I think I’m on the right track.

D: You’re really young but you’ve been in the top 100 for over a year now: Are you happy or do you think your position will be higher already?

A: Of course higher (laughs). Seriously, we have to consider that the second half of last year went very badly, there were a lot of defeats, almost as if I didn’t play, the result was not good at all. The first part of 2021 was great, while in the second part I lost faith in my game, I was not happy with myself; I’m starting to become more professional, trying to leave personal matters off the pitch.

D: You told us in a recent interview that personal aspects also influenced you on the pitch; How do you differentiate between personal and professional?

Answer: I believe that everything is experience, one must try to know the emotions and then learn how to handle them; In some ways this is something that happens when someone learns to ride a bicycle. At first you fall, but then you learn how it works and how to move forward. And so I try to keep personal matters that way or in any case.

Finally we close the piece with a nice note; During the interview Sonego crossed the road with us on his way to play his doubles match, and he went to hug her by name and congratulate her on her win against Evans. A scene that we are happy to say and even if Sonego and Museti Davis compete for a place in the team that we have seen is a good environment, it is certainly a more positive note that there is no jealousy or hero.

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