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Italians on the pitch for European Basketball Week (with the exception of Banco de Sardegna Sassari, FIBA ​​was engaged in the first part of this third day of the Champions League which started last week). It is played for the first place in the standings in their respective competitions: Nutribulet Treviso will face the Hungarians of Falco Sozambatheli in the Champions League, Vertas Segafredo Bologna will see it in the Eurocup against Budukonst, while A in the Euroliga. Milan hosts Barcelona to compete for the (temporary) Queen’s scepter on the X Armani Exchange. Trento beat Lithuanians 61-77 in the third day at home in the Euro Cup last night.


Armani Exchange Milan – Barcelona: Tomorrow, November 4, at 20:30, Sky Sport Arena and Eleven Sports

The most anticipated challenge of the first episode of this season at the Milan Forum tomorrow evening. Not only are the two teams sharing the first place in the standings with the same record of 6 wins and one defeat to challenge each other, but above all the two clubs that have shown the best in technical, physical and mental condition. The situation has changed little over the summer, with the Catalan finalists last season, and still firmly on the bench of former star Sarunas Jacicevicius, going to make some targeted additions to a roster already in the deepest and most complete list of the whole event. There is no problem in the tough league Acb, where Blaugrana is looking at everyone as the only team with full points.


Ratiopharm Ulm – Umana Reyer Venezia: Today, 7:30 pm, Eleven Sports

Coach de Rafael’s tough tour for Germany for the men, Ratioform Ulm’s field, the leaders of the Vertus Bologna group busy on the field on the last day and to whom they were able to sweat seven shirts of proverbs. Self-imposed (87-76 final score). The Bundesliga basketball side suffered their defeat in the basketball friendly against Frankfurt (60-6) on the final day for extra effort against the Bolognese, and what they now see for the moment from the play-off grid with a record. Of these, 3 have won and 3 have lost, which testifies to the continuity of performance that has not yet been found.

Budcnost Flight Podgorica – Segafredo Virtus Bologna: Today, 7 pm, Sky Sport Action and Eleven Sports

The tour of Montenegro should not be underestimated for coach Sergio Scariolo.
In fact, the Podgorica team finished first in the group on equal footing with Bolognese and Sedevita Lublazana, while in the Aba Liga they chased down Partizan Belgrade to recover from just one defeat in the first six matches of the year (85-69 wins) against the dying bar on the last day). On the second day of the Eurocup they were the best of Valencia, a team aiming for the final of the competition, 71-70 and not surprisingly thanks to the test, framed by the main summer purchase, the former Milan Vladimir Micov, and openly announced that they have access to the Euroliga plan. They want to play their cards in the end, never hiding the desire to regain the right to do so.

Champions League

Darussalam Istanbul – Happy Casa Brindisi: Today, 6pm, Rye Sport HD

The second part of the third day of the Basketball Champions League, where coach Frank Vitucci is seen in Istanbul’s sham field, Darussalamka, who lost 66-60 in the first (and still only) Cup match to the Turks in Cluj-Napoca. Following the glory of the recent past, which ended with the Euro Cup victory in the 2017-2018 season and participation in the Euroleague, the Istanbul club is going through a period of economic adjustment that has resulted in a reduction in the physical size of the players’ pool.

Nutribullet Treviso – Falco Szombathely Today, 20:30, YouTube Basketball Champions League

At the end of the first leg of this group D of the Basketball Champions League, the challenge is to lift the first place from unbeaten. If the men’s perfect path so far under the Serbian coach Milos Konakov in the moderate Hungarian championship is not surprising (9-0, 81-73 final score with which they ruled the Ose Lions, fourth in the standings), it is surprising instead of what was shown on the European field: 83 -78 and 74-80 with the result that they defeated Aek Athens first (at home) and Waff Riga later (away).

FIBA Europe Cup

Hapoel Gilboa Galil Elyon – UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia Today, 6 pm, Youtube Channel Fiba

A trip to Israel’s coach Kajar’s men cannot be underestimated, with Hapoel Islat (2-2 overall record) facing home favorites from a convincing victory in the winning league (highest national championship) within the friendly walls of a house in the town of Gann. .

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