New headquarters for the care of 4-foot friends in the San Giuliano Park area

The new Canal, the home of Uls 3 veterinarians and the administrative area, which has found a place in Maestro’s large park area, opened Tuesday morning in San Giuliano. The regional-funded structure has already begun a few weeks ago and is like a canal, somewhat like a hospital and an office for health practice: the municipal area is governed by another important structure, the health authority Ulss 3.

The inauguration, in the morning, took place in the presence of, among others, the Municipal Councilor for the Environment, Massimiliano de Martin. Ulss 3 is headed by Dr. Carmine Guadagno, a veterinarian, who explains its functions in more detail. “Every pet – called Guadagno – has its own veterinarian, who is a personal specialist whose owner relies on the normal management of his pet. Rather, for pets, we play an important role: we intervene when a dog runs away from home, gets lost, or even gets into an accident. It is not a coincidence that the site is defined as a “hospital canal”: it is used to protect rescued animals, but also to provide them with the first necessary care.

The compliment came from Manuela Lanjarin, the regional councilor for health, who wanted to see the benefit. তে In the greater promise of resistance – underlined by Langerine – the work that has been done in this case is also valuable, timely and attentive. Protecting the health of pets is fundamental and helps ensure better health for citizens. ” Not an ordinary canal, therefore, despite having many boxes equipped to hold animals. The structure retrieves, monitors, visits and treats as reported by citizens the misguided or wandering, treats them as needed, both for reporting injuries or trauma, for any compressed illness, in any case keeping them under observation for at least ten days (e.g. Established anti-rabies prevention protocol).

“In our modern box-decorated areas, but also in indoor cages that need a warm environment to keep animals, you can find stray dogs on the street waiting to be returned to the owner – Dr. Guadagno – or the dog underlining the bite, who is a bloody After the episode the original moved away from home, and was detained at the disposal of the judicial authorities. In this sense, our new headquarters could be defined as a canal. And then it could be defined as a hospital because the veterinarians of the healthcare organization Now, in larger spaces and equipped with a double operating table, a whole series of interventions are practiced: from laboratory and radiological tests, for which they have the latest generation of equipment to observe discomfort and illness. Disinfection: And now that we can practice dog disinfection, we I do about 800 interventions every year. And with that comes the intervention for minor injuries, when needed.

An important task announced for some time from both a health and social point of view, a team of about ten doctors and specialized operators has been assigned to update the canine registry, which has already registered 81,000 specimens, and the cat, which has 12,000 cats. The structure is located right next to the Municipal Canal, which, after being closed for several years, will reopen in early May, thanks to the ENPA being given the responsibility of managing it. In short, a complete socio-sanitary center, for the recovery, care and hope of stray or abandoned animals, ultimately, for complete safety adoption. A service that is becoming more and more important every day, if you consider that, compared to ten years ago, the ratio of human to pet numbers has increased from ten to one to seven.

All administrative activities of the Ulss 3 veterinarians have already been transferred to the headquarters of Parco San Giuliano. “A series of functions are performed here – Ulss 3 underlines the general manager of Edgardo Contato – living with a pet and especially a dog or cat owner in the service of those who share them. When we make this choice, we have an important, Accept recognized and regulated responsibility and the company’s veterinarians offer themselves as a reference, as it is with them pet owners formalizing the registration at the health registry, which is a step mandatory dog ​​and it is always through this service that you need your pet when traveling abroad. You can ask for and obtain the necessary documents for the document, as well as for any practice assigned to the veterinary service. Also for other functions of an administrative nature, the new headquarters provides ample space, much larger than the previous headquarters through Filji. ” Occurs – explains the early Guadagno – there are also different animals Could come at the same time, and it is important for us, so to have enough space, where it was possible to provide different routes. Users with their animals .. In terms of accessibility, it must be more effective in accessing the vehicles that veterinarians work with on the road, which can reach the bottom of the rear tent for safe and secure shelter for the animals transported here. ”

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