“You have a real relationship when you are really together.”

“It simply came to our notice then. We are so addicted to this hyperkinetic and stressful life that we no longer realize that we are constantly losing everything around us. We are far from feeling our bodiesFrom the emotional needs of the people around us, of course, including Our animals. Except for information society: we live in scatterbrains.

Angelo brothersFounder of the method Cognitive relationship with the dogIn 2019 he created the first course Relationships with dogs based on mindfulness Whose goal is to restore some of the basic powers of the mind for an “authentic” Relationship with your dog “.

How Mindfulness Helps Relationships With Dogs

“Mindfulness really changes your life – the brothers explain the code – because it works on confusion, it allows you Gain more and more awareness, A determining factor in the removal of barriers, the barriers that are created between us and animals. This is a movement where the world needs it The most common emotion is anxiety. A state that keeps us away not only from ourselves, but also from animals. And when we accept our friend, it removes all the good intentions we have. We need to raise awareness, Free insights and empathy in our lives with dogs

And it is precisely with the practice of mindfulness that, according to Vaira, all this is recovered. “Is trained by stress reduction. And, indeed, in the beginning the work is only a work of remembrance with which the mind is trained to be present at the time of a work, that exact moment cannot be lost, not thinking in advance about what to do next. . In short, Be there, but for real

Because if you’re not there, dogs notice it very well. And that’s right They feel much more alone than we think In our daily lives. After all, we all know that you can feel more alone with someone who ignores you and is not mentally present than when you are physically alone. Dogs need to have human companions who really are with themUnder the penalty of losing a real emotional and emotional connection.

But what really changes the relationship with the animal? “Everything. This awareness changes one’s emotions. And I have seen it There is an emotional overflow between us and the dog, His stress and his passion touches me and so the opposite happens, we infect each other. When you are close to a person who is mentally present, calm, clear, transparent, you can understand it from his posture, posture, vision but Especially the way he responds to your communication. And goes for the same dog that fully understands that you are there… because you are there.

Confirmation of what the brothers teach comes from what the students have reported to them at the end of the eight weeks of the course, especially By those who already work with dogs: Dog educator, behavioral veterinarian, pet therapy operator, trainer.

“Usually people, even experts, tell me they are noticing something for the first time Dog signal, Signs that are lost, that they have not seen. And as a result of that awareness, the way we communicate with him and vice versa has changed. All this, it triggers A communicative dance That Intimacy deepensPerception, Compassion, Sympathy. So going for a walk becomes different. We are able to better understand their excitement, By changing the quality of the game, care. And, when the emotions in the house change, when there is less anger, less anxiety, the domino effect on the whole existence is unimaginable.

Mindfulness and Animals, an eight-week course

The The course lasts for eight weeks. “It is based on the classic Mindfulness protocol John Kabat-jin Which has very strong roots in science so far, after much research which has proved its validity. There is nothing mysterious or magical. We meet online once a week for two and a half hours and from one week to the next the practitioners do a meditation that lasts 40 to 60 minutes guided by my voice. Then, there it is A compilation of some diaries And informal exercises with animals at different times, so when walking, when they are fed, when playing. It closes eight weeks, one last meeting which is an intensive day of 5 hours.

A question arises spontaneously, however: with life we ​​all inevitably commit, work, noise, chaos, Is it really possible to survive like this? “Yes, it is possible. It is something that happens when a person lives a sedentary life and decides at a certain moment that it is time to start running. He does, even if he continues to lead a daily life. The body is trained And it varies at a neuro-physical level. Change the metabolism, the way you eat, the cascade has an internal revolution.

So does the same thing happen with mindfulness? “That’s right. Daily exercise isn’t just about sessions. The most common mistake people make when thinking about mindfulness is to think of it as a resting moment, like a hot bath. Not in all of these cases. And training The mind to work in a different way. And so thanks for the ongoing practice, you bring that awareness into all your daily activities. Mindfulness and awareness were once thought to be necessary for spiritual development. Now, however, they have become necessary because they restore to us the joy of survival that resonates around everything and everyone around us, Including animals

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