A Vogue couple has been living in the camp for a month to find their lost dog

Caruso, a four-year-old Spaniard from Galgo, died March 16: his owners have been searching for him ever since.

Sleeping in the camper for the week, trying everything and everything, spending your savings and spending your leisure time in research excluding the rest: This is what a couple from Pavia came desperately searching for their dog who went missing during a picnic a month ago. It is done out of love to be able to fulfill life so much without uttering a word.

The disappearance of Caruso

Vogeriez’s life on March 16, 2022 Paolo Carty and Sarah Monty Changed: The couple was walking with their dog that day, it often happened, in the countryside of Cervesina, by the stream Staffora. Once they are called back together, everyone comes back except them Caruso, A Galgo (or Spanish Greyhound) was adopted a year ago by the Pet Greyhounds Anlaas Association, which takes care of the recovery and rescue of dogs of this breed that are often exploited in Spain.

Unfortunately, the search effort, the countless calls, the screaming race to the top of their lungs to get Caruso’s attention was in vain: he was lost on that unfortunate March 16th. And since then Sarah and Paolo have been doing everything they can to find her using all their knowledge and skills. In fact, long-term adoptive couples have extensive experience, especially with dogs, gallons and greyhounds, which they often adopt or stop until they find a specific family and who have been sharing their lives with several dogs over the years. . Now

The flyer has spread on social networks

Research is ongoing

Unfortunately after a relentless search that day Did not lead to the desired result, The couple decided to leave a “scented flag” in the area so they could help Caruso go home. Clothes, accessories, pieces of clothing: Something left in the woods to help the dog get home, just 7 kilometers from the scene of the disappearance.

To help Caruso find his way, the couple decided Leave the camper in the area Which they usually use during their travels on the road and Caruso now knows.

Looking for a dog in the camp for a month

So for a month Sara and Paolo, instead of going home, at the end of the day they go to their camp to continue their research, sleep and start the next day. The area was covered with leaflets, drones were also searched in the fields, numerous volunteers (from the Pete Greyhounds Association) even patrolled the field inch by inch with molecular dogs, but unfortunately none of Caruso was found so far.


Information and contacts to find Caruso

At the time of Caruso’s disappearance, a four-year-old brown Brindel Galgo, She wore a green bib attached to a small tag Engraved with telephone number 338.4047567 and 335.6984626, To contact in case of visit. Perhaps panicked and confused, he was able to move away from the area of ​​the disappearance, and was requested to call the indicated numbers immediately without trying to pick him up. From Pet Greyhounds They let you know:

“Hopefully, the media coverage will reach a growing number of people, and as a result, the chances of seeing Caruso will increase.
Anyone who has seen or seen Caruso since March 16 can contact us at: +39 335 698 4626 or contact us directly at one of the contact numbers:
Areas are: Upper Valley Staffora, Cervesina (Pavia) Municipality, Bhogera, Bruni, Po, Casei Gerola; Altrepo Paves.
Thanks to anyone who can help! “

A few days after his disappearance, based on what Paolo and Sara had said, a gentleman told them that he had seen Caruso on the other side of Staffora and that he had heard their call for a search. Unfortunately, the passer-by’s dog probably frightened Caruso into fleeing on the opposite side of the call. Since then, no other scene has been reported, but the search continues.

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