Cat Scratch Disease: What it is, the symptoms and what to do

The Cats These are very domesticated pets in Italy, making it easy for humans to come in contact with their claws. The Scratch And Bite Cats can be dangerous, as these cats can be a natural source of pathogens that cause so-called diseases. Cat scratch disease.

Let’s see what happens Symptoms This infection, what causes it and how it can be treated and prevented.

In this article we talk about:

Cat Scratch: Symptoms of Bartonella hensel infection

The pathogen responsible for cat scratch disease Bartonella HenselleA species of Gram-negative bacteria that is transmitted to cats through contact fleas. These insects are vectors of infection in animals, but they do not appear to be capable of transmitting bacteria directly to humans.

Infected cats do not have the disease and do not need treatment.

When an infected cat injures a person, the bacteria enter the body through the wound. The first symptoms of cat scratch disease appear a few days later and appear at the site of a scratch or bite. PeopleWhich is a red swelling.

They may appear in the next two to three weeks

  • Swollen lymph nodes in groin, armpits, neck (Lymphadenomegaly), With red and hot skin in the correspondence with enlarged lymph nodes up to 3-5 cm in diameter;
  • Flu-related symptoms, including about 30% of those affected, include headaches, loss of appetite, discomfort, and moderate fever.

Without treatment, the infection is usually fought by the patient’s immune system, resulting in spontaneous recovery within 1-4 months (source).

Cat scratch disease can be very dangerous for immunocompromised people, especially if the cause of the condition is AIDS. In fact, these patients are at risk of developing itBacillary angiomatosis (A serious skin infection) e Hepatic pelvis, A condition characterized by the presence of blood-filled cavities in the liver. In the worst case, there may be an episode of hepatic pelvisLiver dysfunction Which puts the patient at risk.

How is cat scratch disease treated?

In most cases, cat scratch disease heals spontaneously within a few weeks. In this case, therefore, no specific treatment is given without taking drugs like ibuprofen or paracetamol to reduce the symptoms of fever. Administration as alwaysAspirin For young children, this drug may be the cause Ray’s syndromeAn acute illness Potentially deadly.

When you are in front of a, the speech changes radically Immunocompromised patients Bartonella hensel with a severe form of infection, where the doctor will choose the most appropriate antibiotic therapy.

Useful tips to prevent cat scratch disease

The best way to prevent cat scratching Reduce communication With this cat, especially if it shows signs of intolerance or movement. Note that a cat shows the following characteristics during movement:

  • Back arch;
  • Swollen coat
  • puffs emission;
  • Claw extracted;
  • Less ears

In the presence of these signals, it is best not to disturb the cat further, which may even scratch and bite the owner.

As already reported, cats are transmitted through Bartonella henselae fleas. It is therefore advisable to use appropriate tools such as anti-flea collars and / or sprays or powder repellents to reduce the risk of parasites in cats.

Wash your hands after touching cats and avoid touching stray cats without fleece collars.

If you have Scratch or bite by a cat The first thing to do (especially if misguided) is to wash thoroughly with soap and water and disinfect the wound immediately to prevent Bartonella hensel bacteria from entering the body. Inform the doctor immediately about the redness or swelling of the cat’s bite or scratch.


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