Is it haraam to feed misguided cats?

Feeding stray cats is not a crime. Nationally There is no law banning cat feeding Misguided, or rather, cats Living in freedom, The law defines them. Not only that: our legal system, contrary to what has been established in the case of stray dogs, allows cats to live freely and guarantees a complete series of specific protections for them.

Act 281 of 1991 (“Structure Law on the Prevention of Companions and Migratory Animals”), for example, provides that Once free cat The area has been disinfected by the appropriate health authority, They certainly are They have been re-admitted to the team (So-called colony). Still, “Wild cats can only be killed if they are seriously ill or curable“”Conservation agencies and organizations, in agreement with local health units, can manage the colonies of cats living in the wild, ensuring their healthcare and living conditions.

Private citizens, therefore, can feed cats for free, respecting the precautions set out in the following paragraphs.

Can the municipality (or other agency) ban the feeding of stray cats?

Over time they have followed each other Ordinance of Mayor or Municipal Regulations Aimed at banning the feeding of free-range cats (or even stray dogs). One wonders if these measures are legal and if it is really possible to ban a citizen or a pedestrian from feeding a stray animal, albeit sporadically. Just as one wonders whether it is lawful to ban a citizen from habitually serving food to individual cats or to colonies living in a particular area, leaving food and water in their containers.

The jurisprudence of the administrative court has ruled in this regard on various occasions.

According to whose ideas They are invalid and therefore, if challenged, they may face cancellationLocal administrative systems that generally prohibit the feeding of free and stray cats.

Recently, Campania Tar, Ordinance n. The 958 of 2018 well explains how the public interest is represented “Harmful or dangerous situations should be avoided from the point of view of health and hygiene“(“Which can be endangered by discarding waste on public land, food scrap or containers“), This cannot and should not be followed by a ban on feeding the misguided. In fact, there are already specific rules that make it illegal to distort or deface government land and that cause problems of a sanitary nature.

The TAR of Puglia and Calabria further clarified how national law provides for a specific and desirable measure to limit these problems, such as birth control by sterilization.

A ban on feeding free-range cats (or stray dogs) also becomes a ban. Abuse them.

From this same provision, however, it was equally clear that: if it is true that it is not possible to prohibit the feeding of free cats, it is equally true that it is equally true to throw food on public land or in other people’s property. On the sidewalk or street. In other words, it is perfectly permissible to feed cats for free, but who wants to feed them He must do this using a clean container, which must be removed immediately after eating.

Are they responsible for feeding the misguided?

It also needs to break down a false belief that is often read and heard: the only behavior Feeding a free cat does not mean being responsible for it So that this could cause damage.

The condition that must exist for such assignment is to keep the animal stable. Criminal Cassation has expressed this very clearly in sentence no. 19161/2014 which decided a case where a woman was accused of not suppressing the sound of some dogs feeding near her house.

The Supreme Court said: “This responsibility can only arise from a direct and essentially stable relationship with the animals in question, related, if not a proprietary relationship, with at least one ownership or detainee relationship, but certainly not with an indefinite kind of bond that Lato Sensu can do only for assistance purposes. Must be linked to food administration

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