Nicola Migon, the great lord and one of the first aerial fountains in Italy, the only one to Smackiano on the right and left. There is nothing else

For those who are journalists by profession, there is nothing more sad than writing about the disappearance of a dear, dear friend. A friend who is no more: How Nicola Megan Many memories of my childhood and later adolescence bound me together, mostly around the Florence Tennis Club, where his father lived. Eugene (Who is called Mighino for close friends, but also a doctor for those who are a little less) e My father Giancarlo, Great friend and often double companion and cross cup winner (Italian Championship for second division team), They were both presidents. First my father succeeded the historic president Fred Dalgas, then Eugenio who was president from 1977 to 2000 when he was named honorary president.

Nicola, who died on Easter Monday, was born on June 6, 1942, the son of Eugenio and his first wife, Adele Pietrabisa. But he also fell in love with Eugenio’s second wife, Fiammar. Nikola will turn 80 in a month and a half. In recent years, unfortunately, he has not been well.

She was seven years older than me, Nicola and I, a boy not yet ten years old but already obsessed with tennis, I was fascinated by Court 4, One in front of the famous club building, built in the 1900s, and which marked the birth of the Italian Tennis Federation in 1910 with President Piero Antinori.Tennis watch, incredibly talented Nicola, my first idol with a racket. I was a ball boy to him at first rather than Nicola Pietrenzli. And he was my idol before Pietrangelli before my almost contemporary Panatta.

I’m not exaggerating. Nicola had a huge class. Much taller than six feet, he operated the racket as if it were a stalk, with unparalleled elegance. Rarely was it still when he played a two-handed backhand. It certainly wasn’t as fashionable as it is today. This was the only game in Italy Beppe MerloStefano Goudenzi (who, through both forehand and backhand), was renamed from Merano and twice a finalist at the Internazionale d’Italia and twice a semifinalist from Roland Garros. Five Because it was the nickname of the great professional Segura: This is the hall Uncle of Andrea Goudenzi, the current president of ATPex n.18 in the world) and indeed, Nicola Migone.

Nicola Migon joins Archibaldo – Viareggio Tournament 1969

Although Florentine circle casinos had a great tradition, after a player like a tennis player Renato Gori He was – like Pancho Goudenzi – behind Italy’s No. 5 Before the arrival of Sergio Tachini, Pietrenzelli, Cirola, Merlo and GuardiniAnd then Enzo Malencini (“Il Marchese”) has twice won the Italian Championship in the second division but did not soon advance to the “first” (completely unjustly). Nicola Cascine became the undisputed n.1 of the circle, (Which even at a certain historic moment had 14 second-class tennis players when there were only over 50 in Italy as a whole) By the way, there were only 12 or 15 like 17.

I don’t know how many titles Tuscan champion Nicola has won. Gilberto often defeats Dorini, but some of Livorno’s fanfare brothers, including Luli, a tennis serv and volleyball player, also went “first” but lost to Nicola more often than not.

At least once, twice, Nikola lost in the final and became the Tuscan champion. To me he was a kind of black beast. I don’t think I’ve ever killed him. I tried to play with all my limitations, almost brilliant tennis, I went to the net and he pushed me regularly, even though I knew I shouldn’t attack him in the backhand, because He was able to make the crazy “narrow” as well as some long lines impenetrable to me. He moved slightly, partly out of laziness, partly because he was in control of the game to a certain level.

I saw him at the age of eleven, in 1960, with a compliment that never left me Won the Italian Junior Doubles Championship.

Nicola Migon and Alessandro Dalgas, the Italian junior champions in Florence in 1960. In the final, they defeated Giordano Myoli and Vanni Tachchini.

He won them with his best friend and integral clubmate (and night out) Alessandro Dalgas, Vanni Tacchini (brother of the well-known Sergio, but probably stronger as a young man until he came out with 18 fractures and compromised one leg forever due to a horrific car accident in 1962) and Giordano Mioli who defeated Nicola in the final In ’66 he became the undisputed champion of Italy (losing to Nicola Pietrengelli) and blue in the Davis Cup.

Nicola answered, from the left – and therefore at the most important points – in a remarkable way, especially from the backhand, making a point for Alessandro who, with great reflection, caught the net and closed everything necessary to stop it.

Well, I understand that these restructuring may seem exaggerated to you, too much for two good tennis players who have not won really significant tournaments at the international level. But Nikola nobody won them.

But it was my child’s eyes that made them look exceptional, When they made the most spectacular point, teaching me to fall in love with tennis, even “Mighino”, the captain of the Davis Cup (1960-1961) and even before he became the manager of City Florence … ” By sending postcards signed by Pietrangelli, Cirola and others Blues.

“Migino” was the Italian champion in the men’s doubles and mixed doubles, and he also played in the mixed finals at the Internazionale d’Italia with the Spanish de Riba.

If Eugenio “Mighino” is the first tennis player I’ve ever seen, I don’t know how many smash rebounds with one knee resting on the ground.A five-foot-five man who crushed a ball more than six feet high, For a long time, Nikolai was the only tennis player I had ever seen (before Luke Jensen) capable of playing smash on the fly with a right or left racquet. I did not dream of them. I saw them.

Could he have been stronger with class and natural ability? Yes, of course, but … he should have taken himself and tennis seriously. To train. But he doesn’t really feel like it. For him, tennis was nothing but a fun, a sport, a job, a profession. Mioli, who plays for Cremona Tennis, recalls losing multiple matches to City Fireworks. But these were races that ended in a weekend trip, even a fun one Not a week.

“She was nice, she had a sense of humor, frustrated” Coco “or rather” Coquino “Bachelo together.“” Sorry, Giordano Mayoli recalled yesterday. This is how the two Florentine friends and doublelers who defeated him in the final at City Florence were called. Nicola followed the disappearance of Alessandro Dalgas for several years, Also the president of the City of Florence in the third millennium and the club that has always been known as “Bachelo” for being thin and slack, but also for the strange way of beating when to give a lift in service. Not yet used. He twisted everything in a ridiculous way, which made him feel almost isolated.

“We guys were together, we were all friends, we all met at tournaments, we went out together … Nicola was an exceptionally sympathetic and charming person and so” Bachello “Dalgas” I remember Giordano Mioli, another man who never stopped laughing, joking, joking. Yet she has become the mega-boss of the Australian, well-known clothing brand. You too can be a successful entrepreneur Sergio Tachini, Fred Perry, Renেনে Lacoste, Began to establish himself as a tennis player.

Nicola, who played in several international matches with the Italian junior national team against France, Germany and other countries, married a beautiful Belgian girl, Michelle Fink, March 8, 1966 – 56 years together, in deep love and very close – which gave him two beautiful daughters, Francesca and Sabrina.

When they got married, on their way out of church, wedding witnesses and friends placed them under the roof of a … tennis racket.

Matrimoio of Nicola Migon and Michelle Fink – Brussels 08/03/1966

When I played a lot of doubles with Nicola… Alessandro couldn’t, more in the City Firing team at the Cross Cup than in the tournament, because for Nicola – because he worked in the family wax shop – it seemed too much to him to dedicate an entire week to a tournament. But after winning the Italian Championship in the second category for the first time in 1972 (with Maurizio Bonaiti) I tried to convince him that we would have a good chance to win the title together, until I persuaded him to fight his innate laziness and play for the national team in Sanremo. I’m afraid he never forgave me. Journey in those days. There weren’t all the tunnels today to cross Liguria. For him, already 29, it was a huge effort, especially psychological. A week on the beach with his family… a business that took him away from Florence. An unfortunate venture. We played three out of five sets, but that was not a problem. We had no luck. A former Roman first-class player, Guercilena (with Lazarino), started telling me to report a foot error – which I probably did – we got nervous and lost in the quarter even though we were one to two sets ahead and had a break in the fourth. If I remember correctly .. I could never persuade Nicola to follow me. That time was enough for him.

After all, Nicola had many hobbies and I know very little or nothing about them. Everyone in Florence was happy to share the hunt with him – he looked like a tennis player, he was a regular at Maremma – and the bridge where, of course – as opposed to tennis – he certainly had no shortage of accomplishments.

May the world be enlightened to you, Nikola, You will find that there you will meet your friend “Bachelo” again and you will not fail to provoke some mutual. As always, I wish you all the best.

For me I will never forget your smile or when I was a child my mother, back from tennis I said: “I want to be like Nicola when I grow up.”. Yes, Nicola Migan.

Funeral services were held at 4 pm in the church of Santa Felicita, PS Florence.

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