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Ceylon is a cat originally from Sri Lanka: let’s find out together what we need to know about this little known cat breed.


Specimens of this species are extremely rare and rarely widespread. Also for this reason, as well as for reasons related to their irresistible character and their great appearance, they are really impressive felines: here’s what to know Ceylon cat.

General information about the breed

Here is some general information to learn more about Ceylon cats: Let’s start with the cat!

Common Ceylon disease
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  • Nickname: Cey
  • Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Average life: 14-16 years
  • Medium shape
  • Weight: 4-6 kg
  • Hypoallergenic: No.
  • Escape tendency: Yes
  • Weight gain tendency: No.
  • The tendency to meow: No.
  • The tendency to suffer from loneliness: No.
  • Climate: Suffers from low temperatures
  • Compatible with children: Yes
  • Compatible with other animals: Yes

How much does a Ceylon cost?

What is the price of Ceylon puppy? In reality, it is not easy to establish: it is a very rare four-legged.

For this reason, it is best to contact cat breeders directly.

On the other hand, monthly maintenance costs, including those related to cat care, are approx 40 euros.

Ideal accommodation and lifestyle

The Ceylon cat is a very active and curious specimen, which requires a stimulating routine.

For this, it is essential to provide him with an outdoor area where cats can run and have fun.

Caution: The area should be properly fenced and protected.

The risk, in fact, can go away from the cats’ curiosity, with the risk of escaping, stealing or being abused.

This cat adoption is recommended for everyone: families with children and other animals, the elderly – as long as they have the strength to sacrifice on all fours – and those who spend hours away from home.

In fact, it is a hairy one Independent and autonomousWhich does not tend to suffer in solitude in the absence of its human reference.

Origin and history of the dynasty

As can be seen from the name of the fur dog, the Ceylon specimens are native to Sri Lanka.

The difference is Burmese Ceylon
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In fact, the island was once known as Ceylon. It is a cat breed that has evolved in a completely natural way, regardless of human intervention.

In 1984, Director Dr. Colombo Zoo He allowed an Italian veterinarian to bring six Ceylon specimens to Milan.

Only 9 years later, the cub was officially recognized by the International Feline Federation.

Appearance and physical features

Ceylon is a very special looking cat: let’s find out in detail how it is made and how to recognize it.

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Specimens of this species are medium in size, ranging in length from 25 to 35 cm, for a maximum weight of 6 kg.

Muscular and athletic, they have an agile and sturdy build at the same time.


Ceylon cats make a presentation Round headFrom which peeks medium-large ears, with rounded edges.

Eyes, large and deep, can take on a variety of colors, including green, yellow, and the middle shade.


Ceylon is a cat Short hairAlmost completely devoid of undercoat.

The coat is smooth, silky and well adapted to the body.

Fur colors range from black and blue to red and cream.

The legs

There are specimens of this species The hind legs are a bit long Among the previous ones.

A distinctive feature of Ceylon is the angle formed by the hind legs, which is very pronounced.

Ceylon’s character

Ceylon is a cat with a very special character: let’s find out why.

Ceylon power supply
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Humorous, active and lively, he is always on the move and loves to explore, run and jump.

Despite his excitement, this cat knows how to indulge in moments of serenity, which he likes to spend in solitude.

Of course, Ceylon is not without a sweet and affectionate mood: incredibly SympatheticThis little hairy friend shares the joys and problems of everyday life in his human heart, bringing serenity and joy.

Compatibility with children and other animals

The Ceylon cat is suitable for toddlers, as long as the latter is respectful of the four-legged will.

Moreover, it is a fluffy dog ​​that is perfectly matched with other animals, be it dogs or cats.

Ceylon health and care

Specimens of this species are very long-lived. The average lifespan of a cat is, in fact, between 14 and 16 years.

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Being cats of natural origin, they have a rich genetic heritage, which means they are not predisposed to the onset of pathology. Hereditary nature.

However, cats have a number of common diseases, which can affect Ceylon as well. These include, for example, the most frequent urinary tract disorders, oral cavity problems and allergies.

How to take care of the best Ceylon cats? Being a short haired cat, it is enough to brush 1-2 times a week.

Ideal nutrition

Shouldn’t Ceylon’s diet lack nutrition to ensure that cats are always healthy and strong?

Ceylon power supply
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Specimens of this species, as well as – more commonly – domestic cats are compulsively carnivorous.

This means that they must rent Source protein Animals for survival.

From foods such as chicken, beef, rabbit, salmon and tuna, in fact, they extract the substances necessary for their well-being, which are essential for the proper functioning of their body.

Breeding and puppies

Would you like to know more about mating and Ceylon puppies? Here’s what to look for.

Ceylon power supply
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Specimens of this species can mate exclusively with each other: crosses are not allowed.

There is an average duration of pregnancy 65 daysAfter which 2-4 puppies are born.

The kitten reaches adulthood in the first year of life.

Name for your Ceylon

Have you decided to adopt Ceylon? Excellent choice, all you have to do now is find the perfect name for your new four-legged friend.

Name for you
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In this article you will find a large list of names to choose from: Female and Male Cat Names: How to Choose from Over 6500 Ideas.

You have chosen many worthy names, and you can not decide? Consider some criteria that will make it easier for you to choose.

First, choose a name that reflects the physical or character traits of the four legs, so that the “screaming to the world” fur dog is so special.

In addition, it is better to choose short names formed by repetition of similar syllables. Some examples? Lilo and Yaya.

These features, in fact, help the animal to understand and memorize its name.

The names of the most popular Ceylon include:

  • Men: Yoda and Felix;
  • Female: Thiki and Juno.

Interesting facts about Ceylon

Finally, we are closing our tab dedicated entirely to Ceylon with a roundup of unexpected curiosity about this cat, which will be discovered.

Ceylon power supply
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  • Specimens of this species are so rare that there are very few of them, only widespread in France and Italy;
  • Be careful not to confuse it with the Burmese: despite the similarities, they are two different cats. To find out the difference between Ceylon and Burmese, see this article;
  • These cats have a wild ancestor in the genome: Felice Chaus Cellarti;
  • Despite the rarity of cats, there is an association of breed lovers known as the Ceylon Cat Amateur Club.

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