Russia. Censorship of war protesters in Ukraine

The The position of individual Russian citizens against the warPicket, flash mob or other censorship by regime.

Some activists in Moscow and Krasnodar silently protested, falling to the ground in remembrance of the Buca genocide.

Cross in the yard

Another initiative was launched by the Russian feminist movement with hashtags # Mariupol 5000, To commemorate the thousands of civilians killed in Mariupol: «Russia has been bombing residential buildings since the first day of the war, and the city is under siege: survivors cannot get food and medicine and cannot go out. Since the bodies cannot be taken to the cemetery, the survivors bury their dead directly in the yard (…). Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. This is a lie and an insult to the memory of the dead – they wrote on the Telegram channel. – Russian authorities are doing everything possible to elicit sympathy and sympathy among citizens who are not shown pictures of the dead and injured or crucifixes planted near children’s playgrounds. We show you the real landscape of their war: we invite you to install a cross in the courtyard with a plaque commemorating the dead of Mariupol. We want to try to install 5000 crosses all over Russia: help us.

Poems by Mayakovsky

The pressure of propaganda on students continues, especially in universities. Many, however, are not there and respond with appeals to leaflets and rectors. Literary quotations are often found on flyers, as in the case of Mayakovsky’s poetry They are responsible for this, Written in protest of the First World War period in 1917:

“Who is in the sky of war –
When will you rise, in all your greatness,
Do you give them your life?
When will you throw the question in his face: What are we fighting for? ‘

Sheets with names of bombed cities

There are numerous separate pickets, including relative stops and heavy fines, which are now imposed under the new paragraph 20.3.3 of the Administrative Offenses Code, which raises concerns about defamation of the armed forces (if repeated during the same year, the civil lawsuit is punishable by several years imprisonment). With goes to criminal).

In Novosibirsk, a woman was accused of disrespecting the army for pasting some sheets, including the names of bombed Ukrainian cities, on a panel celebrating the Russian annexation of Crimea.

“Don’t hit”

Surreal events have also occurred, such as Mr. Alexei Nikitin of Moscow who fined himself for marking a testimony taken from Tolstoy. Christianity and patriotism: “Patriotism (…) is the loss of all human dignity, all causes and conscience: it is slavery to the powerful”. According to police, this was considered “an invitation to overthrow the current government and to follow the Tolstoy ideology.”

On April 7, in St. Petersburg, Arthur Dmitriev was arrested during a demonstration with a sign on which he carried a few sentences from Putin’s speech on May 9, 2021, marking the 76th anniversary of his death. World War II: “A war that has caused so much pain that it is impossible to forget. There is no forgiveness for those who are planning an offensive again.”

In St. Petersburg, Kirill Karmanov was told, “Friends, we are friends!” Taken from Cat of LeopoldA famous Soviet cartoon character, and accompanied by the Fifth Order “Don’t hit”.

“Without saying anything”

OVD_ info Ostankino TV Tower, Ministry of Defense, Christ the Savior’s Orthodox Cathedral, Pushkin Square and Red Square reported a dozen arrests in Moscow for solitary picketing. Here the young Zlata Evropezseva was arrested and reported to have raised his hand to “display” but without holding a sign and with the words “self-censorship” on his shirt.

“In our society today – he declared – it doesn’t matter if you take a stand against the war or not. Even if you don’t say anything, even if you force yourself to shut up, they will take you away and you will go to jail. Only There is still shouting.

Concert disrupted

An example of a phobia dominating official cultural politics was police interference in cultural centers. Rasvet Moscow, advertising Interrupted the concert By pianist Alexei Lubimov and singer Jana Ivanilova – an episode that also hit the international media.

The program featured works by Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov – above all on Russian classic verses such as Tyutčev, Pushkin, Blok, Mandel’štam – and later Schubert. That was enough to stage “a bomb report on the building”. Lyubimov has done a nonetheless Suddenly By Schubert, followed by a congratulation from the audience, when someone utters “shame” at the address of two rather embarrassed agents. Audiences and artists waited outside, but the concert did not go ahead. Per Rasvet “Poems Against War” was recited in March.

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