Solidarity with the staging of Alice in Wonderland at the Lyric Theater

The City of Assisi, Lyric Theater and the Jonafranca Cultural Association have decided to join a national support network between theaters that will allow the Ukrainian contemporary circus organization Circus-Theater Elysium to continue.Ournée from the Alice in Wonderland showWhich had already begun in Europe before the war began and is now unable to return.

To this end, and following the great success achieved in previous February performances, it was decided to re-offer the show in support of the message of peace and solidarity.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the company in full

A show for the whole family, inspired by Louis Carroll’s 1865 fantasy novel, with more than 30 artists on stage. A sophisticated and elegant artistic project, able to tell dreams by combining multiple disciplines: acrobatic gymnastics, acting, dancing. Characters – Alice, The Mad Hatter, Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and Black Queen – will appear in front of the audience in their circus performances against the backdrop of impressive 3D scenes.

“We are deeply grateful to Italy, the theater, the institutions and those who are helping us. The director of the Circus-Theater Elysium said, Alexander Sakharov – Calendar is constantly updated. At the moment, the show represents a safe haven for the company, but it is also a way to keep the family of artists and technicians safe. Some have already arrived in Italy, others are still under bomb.

In addition, the mayor of Assisi Stefania Proetti Announces:

“As Assassin’s Creed, we immediately and confidently joined the support initiative among the theaters to re-introduce a show of the Ukrainian contemporary circus company Circus-Theater Elysium, which had already met with great success on its date. The Assisi Municipal Theater, which sought to reopen two years after the epidemic and now finds itself in the throes of a war, has become an opportunity to launch a strong message of solidarity and peace. Will approach and allow artists and technologists to save their families from war, which is why we invite our fellow citizens to watch the show and go to the box office to buy these tickets, which will turn into concrete generosity and solidarity.
Let the beauty of this show and the generosity of the spectators become the metaphor of an entire human family that rejects war and wins it under the banner of brotherhood.

Also in the picture of the culture department of the municipality of Assisi Veronica Cavalucci Jonafranka shares the initiative:

“As an Assassin’s Creed, we have decided to join immediately, which has become a real network of solidarity involving many Italian theaters. Re-offering the Alice in Wonderland But it is also a testament to how art, culture, theater can be a real tool of welcome and dialogue, beauty and hope. We can really say that, really missing. “.

“For my part – he declares Paolo Cardinali, The artistic director of the Lyric Theater and the president of the Jonafranca Cultural Association – in addition to the friendship that binds our company and its Italian productions, we have decided to redefine the show for a subject made by the great Ukrainian contemporary circus company. For the proximity of people tormented by war, as well as for the purposeful artistic value of the ceremony. We firmly believe that art and beauty should be the only universally recognized language without borders and flags. To confirm this, we have already included dance troupes from Russia in the next theater season.

The Circus-Theater Elysium is an artistic project by Oleg Appelfeld, founded in 2012 as a joint circus that brings together athletes, dancers and acrobats to spread the circus show as a modern and powerful expression, as well as visual technology with sophisticated technology.

Its first show, Fairytale Show, sold in France, combines numbers that later merged into the full show, Alice in Wonderland, which the company also brings to Europe and China. It currently has more than 50 people, including 7 singles, 12 acrobats, and 20 dancers.

Among the Italian theater and cultural institutions that have so far joined the solidarity network There are ERT Foundation, Academia Purduta / Romagna Theater, Parmar Regio Theater, Milan’s Tetro Degli Archimboldi, ACC’s Lyric Theater and more.

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