Why not pull on the dog farm? “Destructive Emotions” and How to Intervene

Why not pull on the dog farm? “Destructive Emotions” and How to Intervene – Corriere TV


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There are a number of reasons why a dog may not be able to hold on when it comes out of a grip: Excessive excitement from fear. The first rule to calm him down is to calm himself down

Why not pull on the dog farm? The reasons may be different: fear, excessive excitement and much more. But there is a motivation that goes through them all: excitement, emotional activation. Destructive emotions allow the dog to behave in a way that is not appropriate for the context. And it can be a problem, especially in an urban context: a sudden escape, an aggression. The behavior of the animal always indicates that something is happening in the dog’s mind and that is where the intervention is needed. The number one rule for calming a dog is to calm yourself, to train yourself to have a focused mind. The second is to meet the dog’s natural needs, not to force him to live a life where his instincts are unsatisfied. Let’s see how.

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