Young Gabriel tells how he was born. The Cat-Man on TV: “It was just a game.”

Trace Sbattella’s adventures throughout a volume. Love for Santo and the fans: “They follow me twenty years later”

Have a fan of yours who one day offered to write a book about your life and, above all, your experience on TV. No, it was impossible to answer, and so it was: Tomorrow’s book “Remember him …? The Cat Man” (published by Santelli), written by Gabriel Sabatella, a journalist from Marches who also contributed to its sports pages for several years. New return, Living in Sento at that time. The fan in question, on the other hand, is said to have been told that Matteo Fantuzi decided to draw a line that would tie the decade into the beginning of the new millennium by telling stories about the love of the nineties and the people behind it. Characters, such as cat people.

And as you read through the pages of this book, you discover that behind the scenes of the popular TV show “Saraband” there is a boy (now a man) who is as passionate as many of us in youth and adolescence. That particular song or that particular moment becomes a kind of stream of water, and the music for Gabriel will be a common thread, especially for Enrique Pappi’s participation in the game that will transform him into a character, precisely Cat Man. Twenty years have passed since then, yet Sbattella has always been associated with Cat Man, returning to television several times (both on Sarabandar’s Amercord and Gary Scooty’s “Free Fall”) as a correspondent for the Sanremo Festival. Recording some songs, traveling halfway to Italy to challenge music lovers at the club, up to this book. “I always had the idea to write something, but every time I started and stopped – says Sbattella – when Matteo proposed to me, I thought about it one night and then I accepted enthusiastically, so much so that I was already working on the second,” Free I am talking about the experience of “Fall” and for the third I have an idea about the episode and the behind the scenes television scene.

The affection of the fans

And praise for the book is already coming from those who have been able to read it in the preview: «I am happy, above all, to see that people still love me, despite the passage of twenty years. I owe a lot to these people, they are like petrol for cars, it was impossible to go through the last difficult time without them (Gabriel lost his father Ugo in February, which is why he could not go. Sanremo; Ed) Ointment for those who love me. Then I must say that there is an effect of holding the book in your hand, as an article was first published by me in Mesagero March and then New return

In the book, Sbattella says he is sure to leave the game immediately, but because of his musical preparation, the suspicion is true … In the first film of the series, Apollo wanted to stay in the ring until the last game against Creed. It was enough to get to this point not to feel blowjob, I can’t imagine what happened after that, I remember calling my mom that I won and she didn’t believe me. I say again, I’m happy with all this affection but I was just a boy who took part in a musical game where you had to guess the songs. , I did not invent or create anything special.

Ferrara and Cento

One of Sbattella’s special relationships with our province is: «I started the evening in Lidos with my friend Franco Cassoni and played a charity football match and in a memory I scored on a goalkeeper penalty. Then I moved to Sento and Emilia immediately became my second home. I remember very well the commentary on Benedetto XIV, of which I am a great fan, following the amateur football matches. New return, Local associations and initiatives with delicious food. And then there’s the Carnival of Europe, a great party and since it’s coming soon I’ll say wake up! A

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