Blog: #BARVxL – Wimbledon: Disrespect for being Russian

All England Lawn Tennis and Crocket ClubIt is probably the name of the most famous tennis club in the world London suburbs From Wimbledon (Correct pronunciation Uimbeldon).

There Curiosity That it is born as Club Dedicated alone CrockettVery popular game Victorian LondonPredecessor Golf He was born Billiards (This is a combination of two disciplines, practiced on a grass field, with the aim of having the balls go through a small door with a club), then to become its symbol. Tennis A few years later, just in time 1877When The first tournament OfEvolution of the rope ball.
For at least a century, when someone asked a Kids love tennis Which one do you have? DreamsThe answer consistently is: Game at Wimbledon.
There are three more tournaments, three venues of equal importance (Roland Garros In Paris, US Open New York, Australian Open In Melbourne), yes International d’Italia at the Foro Italico in Rome Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Wimbledon WimbledonE.g. San Siro San Siro. Almost all of us, as children, dreamed of playing at Wimbledon and / or San Siro.

In 1946, after the end of World War II, the British decided that the Germans, the Japanese and the Italians, the children of the countries responsible for the greatest humanitarian catastrophe to date and that had just ended, had no right to cross. Doherty Gates, the entrance to the All England Lawn Tennis and Crocket Club, In that version the possibility of trampling them was ruled out The most desirable grass, the dream of every child in the world who is a fan of tennis.
It was 1946To be The Germans, Japanese And Italian At that moment It means destroying Europe, Brought hunger, Death, Frustration, This means not being able to play tennisWill be able to a Home of the British That they have fought, won, honored in that war.

Today we are in 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine a few months ago For example, in 1939, Germany invaded PolandHistory repeats itself, midfield, boundary, boundary within East And West Join a Geopolitical planning Who has likes Only interest people pay invaluableTo those people, to all of us, that WarGeopolitical, economic interests We do not give a curse, We just want to be at peace and maybe dream of playing at Wimbledon.
The war between the invaders (Russia) and the invaders (Ukraine) is not over, British This time they are not directly involved (for the moment), but They decided Than to be Russian, that They call themselves Russian (And Belarusian) It’s a disgraceFor it is a form of responsibility, regardless of what is happening Bomb on MariupolUp KharkivUp KyivOn everyone Destroyed Ukrainian cities From the last battle Compared to Europe and the world Those of us who only dream of Wimbledon, we don’t want to see it anymore, we want to suffer.

Daniel Medvedev, Andrei Rublev, Karen Khachanov, Aslan Karatsev, Ilya Ivashka, Irina Sabalenka, Anastasia Pavluchenkova, Victoria AzarenkaThis name Russian tennis player And Belarusians The better known, the more important, the stronger That No. They will be able to delight us with their forehand, backhand, diving volleyball on the grass of All England Lawn Tennis and Crockett Club.

I believe it The gameThat should make her out of the game Shield against inequalityFrom RacismA.HateA. War. Sports for everyone and for everyoneSports Knows no boundaries, Does not know geopolitics, He doesn’t know weapons, War.
Most of the athletes mentioned above have expressed themselves in a decisive way against the Russian aggression, they did it at risk, knowing the consequences of going against a regime.
Why they were deposed, why In 1946 the Italians had a disgraceWhy are Russians and Belarusians the same today?

Dear English, dear partners The All England Lawn Tennis and Crockett Club, by doing so, will only make Wimbledon more ugly and sad.
Call yourself Russian No. It’s a disgrace.

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