Eurolog vs. NBA: A Challenge Story

If we were ranking up The most popular game, Will be second only to basketball football. There are roughly all over the world 2 billion basketball fans, Who follow the most prestigious leagues and most popular basketball players on the international scene. From the end of the 19th century, Basketball has spread all over the worldEspecially in the United States and Europe, thanks to the dominance of the NBA.

LawNBAConsidered the swing and driving force of modern basketball, it is the most followed league in the world, embracing the professional leagues of the United States and Canada. Find out How the NBA was born And the difference with European basketball. Only in this way can we know why the NBA is the favorite league of the fans of “Wage Ball”.

The history of basketball, from its origins to the NBA

Basketball was born in the United States: precisely In Springfield, 1891Where a physical education teacher, e.g. James Nicemith, Invented a simple game to entertain his students during the winter months. The success of the sport was immediate: Basketball soon went worldwide, thanks to The first regulation consisting of only 13 rules.

Less than 20 years later, in 1907, Basketball was also introduced in ItalyWhen a teacher on the Women’s Technical Commission of Federer Gymnastics, Ida Venarius named the little fishTranslated Naismith’s game into “basketball”.

Basketball is very popular in the United States and for organizing teams and controlling tournaments, The NBA was born in 1946The National Basketball Association. Since its inception, the major professional basketball leagues in the United States and Canada have been one of the most popular sports tournaments with international spectators.

But what happens on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean? In the old continent, Eurolig was founded in 1958, The top European competition for men’s basketball clubs. The NBA and Euroleague share principles and objectives, but differ in terms of control and what goes with it. Let’s find out together The main difference between the NBA and the Eurolig!

The difference between European basketball and the NBA

Although the Eurolig is trying in every way to smooth out the differences that set it apart from the NBA, the path is still long and very complicated. The US League, of course More characterized by glasses and suffocating shots, Such as at the end of a match or coming from a long distance. On the other hand, the European Basketball Prize The essence of the game, competition and strategyDamages the visual aspect of the action.

But let’s look at some of the differences between the two competitions together:

  • NBA season too long ( Regular season Count 82 matches), Which allows the team and basketball players to maintain a good balance between activity and rest. However, the “real season” of US basketball is just beginning Play-off, When the circle tightens around the best structure. The Eurolog, on the other hand, provides a formula for a combination Regular season From 34 rounds 16 teams have been admitted in the competition.
  • For Americans, the rules are always the same: “The bigger the better”, Even when it comes to the size of the playground. Eurolig matches are hosted in the minimum measured fields 14 m wide by 26 m longWhen the NBA has a field that measures the minimum 15 × 28If not really 17 30.
  • NBA games last longer than Europeans: in fact, the US divides league games Four 12-minute quarters Each, while in Europe, from basketball games Four quarters of every 10 minutes. And from this point of view, therefore, we can also say that the spectators of the match also have more time to bet on the NBA than almost the Eurolig. Another 8 minutes. And this means that European basketball looks much more crazy, less inclined towards leading roles than NBA basketball players, who can thus showcase their talents solo so long. Also, as a result of this difference, a player comes to the NBA Farewell after 6 fouls, 5 is enough in Eurolig.

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