Ila, a white swan on Lake Garda

M.y Lakeside dream is a holiday dream that rediscovers the similarities between body and soulWhere love for the region fills the exclusivity and elegance of a family-run five-star luxury hotel. Eala in Limone sul Garda, adult friendly and with a green heart (BS) is an experience of absolute goodness that has diminished in one High-level gourmet offerings led by multi-star chef Alfio Gezi (Member of Euro-Talks Italy), e A wellness philosophy that celebrates the journey between water, earth and skyInspired by the city of Limone Sul Garda and its views.

A perfect symbiosis with the region. Photo: Photography Mangili

Hotel with a unique charm

The 5-star luxury hotel on the shores of Lake Garder, sought by the Risatti family, was designed as a dream to stay in water, earth and sky. In perfect harmony with the region, Ila seeks to express the joy of finding herself through an authentic and exclusive journey that tells the fragrance, color and ingredients studied for every single suite, from the kitchen to wellness, architecture to comfort. Separate the Lemon Sul Garda and its surroundings.

Shelter of peace and tranquility which expresses monarchy, class and purity: Features related to the image of the swan, the symbol to which Ila was inspired, meaning the swan in Celtic. It is an ideal place to rediscover the balance between body and soul, also thanks to the professionalism and passion of a young and dynamic team, confirmed by a long experience of hospitality with a constant search for the pure essence of luxury.

Luxury and innovation

Designed on the basis of a pre-existing hotel belonging to the Risatti family, Eala Contemporary but compatible with the surrounding environment, Limone Sul Garda was born out of a desire to bring an innovative luxury structure. It is thought to have been placed on the rock of West Gardesana, preserving it in its slender shape. 67 rooms across 6 floors, including junior suites and suites, All with terrace and lake girder viewsDecorated with design details and fine finishes.

The highest respect for the environment

Creating the highest environmental certification standardsFrom the materials used in its construction to the technology that guarantees a structure. “Almost zero energyIla respects the ecosystem of the lake and the surrounding environment in order to give its guests a sense of luxury in harmony with nature and the region. A region that is an authentic combination of landscapes, traditions and products developed even in the highlands. Alfio Gezi’s cuisine, multi-starred chef who runs Alfio Gezi’s Bistro Restaurant and Fine Dining Senso, Where craftsmanship and craftsmanship are combined with nature and the desire to offer refined food is characterized by simplicity and respect for raw materials. The first, elegant, lively and dynamic, offers a simple menu but focused on the details, the second offers a gurupak experience involving the eyes and palate, among architectural solutions that frame landscapes and high-end dishes.

Garda is the hero of the kitchen

The cuisine offered at both Alfio Gazi Bistrot and Senso Fine Dining is strongly associated with the Italian spirit. And seeks to improve the region and Garda landscape as much as possible. Among the main values ​​of the gastronomic proposition are respect for the ingredients and the seasonal supply chain as well as the season. The offer is envisioned by two distinct types of restaurants, but combined by the same cuisine and the same standards, turned down by the time you want to sacrifice food: a more dynamic environment, “normal eating”, represented by Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot , Where you can find complete dishes, and a fine dining, experiential environment that allows you to enjoy a truly gourmet pickle, thanks to the 7 courses of special taste menus.

Alfio Gezi.  Photo: Carlo Baroni Ila, a white swan on Lake Garda

Alfio Gezi. Photo: Carlo Baroni

Senso, a house is hanging on the water

The Senso Restaurant is characterized by the remarkable architectural uniqueness of the house hanging on the water.. With gorgeous panoramas and open kitchens over the calm waters of the lake, a dinner at Eller Senso Fine Dining becomes an experience that involves the palm-like eye.

The philosophy explained by the menu is reflected in the Italianness, simplicity and taste of the foodMade with products of small manufacturing companies committed to the sustainability of the region.

Fine Dining Senso by Eala offers a testing menu. To complete the culinary offer, the exclusive restaurant combines three courses with wine, beer, juice and centrifuged.

The experience is accomplished by a glass wine cellar that displays a special selection of alpine viticulture labels. Two unexpected events at the end of the meal: coffee and tea prepared directly on the table.

Alfio Gezi Bistrot: Ordinary food

A nice terrace overlooking the lake welcomes guests in an elegant, lively and vibrant environment.. The Alfio Gezi Bistrot, an eel bar on Garda Lake, is an ideal place for a snack or aperitif, but also for a business meeting. Bistro’s goal is a fast service and a general offer, but at the same time attentive and detailed.

The menu changes on a monthly basis to offer healthy and light meals made with seasonal ingredients. Following the same philosophy as the Senso Fine Dining restaurant, Alfio Gezi Bistrot’s kitchen also pays special attention to the choice of locally produced products while respecting the environment and biodiversity.

Heaven of healing

Complete having pure luxury in Ila, “Ila Luxury Spa” is a world of wellness that empowers the body, soul and mind to find radiance, reproduction and peace.. At 1500 square meters, between the 6th and 7th floors of the structure, Ila Luxury Spa has a panoramic lake view sauna, indoor pool, outdoor infinity pool, whirlpool pool, emotional shower, nip path, biosna, Turkish bath, a fitness area and Included. Relaxation where you can try exclusive beauty treatments and regional treats for couples that utilize the properties of natural products and local raw materials, for deep relaxation that reflects the smell of the lake.

Outside, a private beach Allow guests to relax in the shade of deciduous trees, palm trees and cypress, and allow taxi boats and sailors to dock directly up to 10 meters.

The starting point of area discovery

Immersed in the captivating landscape and cultural context, also acclaimed by poetic writers of all time, Ila is the mouthpiece of true beauty, a renewed luxury and also offers the opportunity to travel to discover places immersed in culture, tradition and fascination. Numerous outdoor activities Which can be practiced in every season, inspections or trips are also conducted by expert masters and adorned with five-star service that guarantees a suitable solution to every need and desire of the guests.

IV November 86 – 25010 through Limone Sul Garda (Bs)
Telephone 0365 954613

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