Paris 2024, What will happen to Russian athletes?

With just two years to go until the Paris 2024 Summer Games: Qualifying for some subjects will begin soon. What to do with Russian and Belarusian athletes is now banned. In some sports (including fighting and golf) ranking counts: but if you don’t compete, what rankings can you have? The IOC is quite flexible with qualifications and was also seen during the epidemic in Tokyo last year, but the problem could arise if the embargo, which is clearly linked to the war, does not end.

“The IOC’s guidelines will be followed,” Under-Secretary Valentina Vezali said of the Rome International, which starts on May 2. Medvedev (No. 2 in the world) and c. Do they need a visa to enter Italy? There are problems in some countries, due to the movement of these athletes, who are also victims of this irrational war.

Giovanni Malago has only spoken at Wimbledon today. “Russian and Belarusian tennis players have been dropped from Wimbledon. Is it right that he should be debated? There has been no clear move so far,” said Connie’s president (and IOC member) at the conference to renew the partnership. Between Herbalife24 and the Italian Olympic Committee. “You know very well that tennis at a sporting level is governed by three things: the International Federation, the ATP and the WTA Association such as the Grand Slam, which is different from the rest of the world. That fact must be taken into account. “

It will not be an easy season. Not just for athletes, but also for management. Russian oligarch Usmanov, one of Russia’s richest men, has resigned from the presidency of the FIE, the International Fencing Federation. A gesture that was appreciated. Soon there will be an election for the World Boxing Federation: Is the Russian Umar Kremlev, who has a rival, still a candidate? Also, billionaire Vladimir Lysin (worth 26 26 billion and Putin’s personal friend) is sponsored by the president of the World Shooting Federation, Kalashnikov: How can he attend the Skeet Shooting World Cup in Lonato these days? ? Lisin has a diplomatic passport from San Marino, but since there is no airport in San Marino, how can he enter Italian soil? Very complex diplomatic matter. Australia and Norway already consider him an undesirable person: Lisin defeated Italian Luciano Rossi in a highly contested election.

eSerie C. Ghirelli begins: “Let’s look at young people”

Virtual football is once again the hero in Lega Pro. Three years ago, Serie C believed in e-sports: 25 May 2019, in fact, the “Isuper Cup Serie C” was played at Pordenon, a triangle where professional e-players represented the three teams involved in the Supercopa de Lega – Pordenon, Vertus Antella and Juve. Stabia – In a triangular match, Joypad faced each other (Juve Stabia won). Nearly 3 years later, thanks to the eSports partnership between LegaPro, a leading digital entertainment company and the largest network of digital amusement parks in Europe, and WeArena Entertainment SpA – a virtual football championship project has become a reality: many clubs who have joined WeArena By actively participating in the transformation process. The championship is a source of great pride for the president of Lega Pro Francesco Gherelli: “I have always believed in the importance of electronic sports, because it is an extended event that reaches out directly to young people.” Lega Pro Vice President Marcel Bhulpis underlined: “We are ready to take the path of new development and this will allow us to grow strongly in the electronic sports sector. A strategic market for Lega Pro, not only because we aim to gradually digitize all activities. But also because we want to attract and engage the “videogame” community (potential new fans for our clubs). It’s a challenge that we want to position ourselves in the market as a growing sports-based league. ” The new eSerieC EA SPORTS licensed by Electronic Arts will play in FIFA 22.

Coni has renewed its partnership with Herbalife 24 to Milan-Cortina

Following the Italian team’s numerous successes in the last two editions of the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022, Connie has confirmed the multinational nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition as a partner in preparing Olympic athletes with its Herbalife 24 line, which provides them with a higher level of performance than others. We have to focus on efficiency. Herbalife24 has been on the side of the Italian National Olympic Committee and the Italian team champions since 2016. An important deal, which began a few months after the Rio Olympic Games and continued on the occasion of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and those just concluded in Beijing. In the run-up to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and 2026 in Milan and Cortina, Connie has reaffirmed its commitment to multinational nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition, including its Herbalife 24 sports supplement line They need to focus on their body skills to provide performance.

The renewal of the contract, announced today at Coni, also confirms the presence of the Coni logo on the packaging of H24 products, which will continue to be provided to members of the Italian Olympic team. “I remember when, a few years ago, we tackled the issue of supplements being chosen as a partner of the Italian National Olympic Committee, which brought the Italian Championship and the Five Circles as a dowry,” said Malago. Maurizio Casasco, president of the Italian Sports Medical Federation, was the determinant. I remember him telling me that they were testing and verifying the products, and that the knowledge of sports physicians was the key to closing this circle. Has been able to marry Herbalife over the years. I am also happy that they were involved as admirable champions with whom I am closely associated, such as Ariana Erigo and Ariana Fontana, and a champion who has never officially retired like Massimiliano Rosolino. ”

Maurizio Casasco, president of the Italian and European Federation of Sports Medicine, also highlighted the importance of proper nutrition for those who play sports. “Nutrition has two main purposes: to meet energy needs and to support cell renewal and growth. It already helps us understand how energy activity increases with sports activity and, above all, how important it is for an athlete to follow nutritional rules, a combination of macro and micronutrients. In terms of competitive commitment and the type of sports practice and the various metabolic aspects associated with it, as well as nutrition with other ethnographic parameters – must be carefully studied and customized specific sporting activity has been practiced. To do so, it is essential that all athletes follow an adequate training program, associated with a proper diet and be assisted by the responsible use of dietary supplements for sports such as ty and under a careful verification process “.

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