Pelosetti is looking for a home …: There are younger sisters Erin and Nala

Appointments are back with our column in collaboration with the Asti delegation and its Alba, Langhe and Roero divisions.ANPA (National Association for the Protection of Animals and the Environment) “Pelosetti is looking for a home.”

The purpose of the column is to find a home for dogs and cats who have returned from abuse or neglect or are owned solely by people who can no longer take care of them. For information and adoption: 3392928707.

Erin and Nala


Erin and Nala are 2 almost identical younger sisters, about 6 months old, of medium size in the future. The only survivor of a litter with gastroenteritis. Both of them were healed and treated in time, unfortunately the brothers could not do that. They are very nice and friendly. They depend on vaccines and microchips.

Nala Peloseti


For information and adoption: 3392928707 – 3471825491 – 3292760240 – 3358129997
Mail: page fb Anpa Alba langheroero

Presentation of ANPA activities (National Association for the Protection of Animals and the Environment)

ANPA is an association that has multiple offices across the country and works to protect animals and the environment. The Asti delegation has been present in the province of Asti since 2015 and the Alba, Langhe and Roero divisions have been active in the Alba area since 2008. Volunteers from both departments actively cooperate with each other through common initiatives.
We participate in local events with the distribution of information on animal rights issues (prevention of abandonment, insertion of dog and cat microchips, disinfection, exploitation and abuse of animals in circuses, bullfighting, occupation …).
We procure food, medicine, blankets from some commercial establishments in Kunio and Asti area and these items are distributed in kennels and caterers who have no contract with the municipality and those who live off the grant and those who are unfortunately growing in number, suffer. Maintain your own animals. In addition, in collaboration with pet stores, we organize days for food, pesticide collection … which we use for the countless animals we care for.
We collaborate with ASL, some freelance veterinarians, and the Animal Welfare Association of the provinces of Kunio and Osti, to take care of endangered animals, promote better adoption of dogs and cats, and participate in solo events.
We intervene in cases of abuse and / or abandonment of animals on the basis of citizens’ notifications, and when necessary, we notify appropriate agencies as required by applicable law.
We are available to transport both dogs / cats to the veterinary office and pet house for emergency and periodic care; This is especially true for older people who are unable to drive, who are uncomfortable and sometimes live in isolated areas.
We are available for feather visits before and after the adoption of the animals we personally follow, but only when we are contacted by volunteers from other associations who contact us for assistance in our area.
We intervene financially to help people in need through veterinary visits, medical care and disinfection of their animals. In cases where, unfortunately, more and more, owned animals that cannot be adequately cared for by their owners (disease, hospitalization, old age, job loss …), we provide our availability for a temporary shelter at home. Arrange for some volunteers and new and adequate accommodation for them.
Our priority is to find a home for dogs and cats that has been abused or abandoned, or is owned only by people who can no longer take care of it. That’s why we decided to offer the “Pelosetti in Search of a Home” column where, weekly, we’ll introduce ourselves and your 4-year-old friends who are waiting to be adopted. Let us introduce them and help them find a family! And if you want and can dedicate a few hours of your time to animals, contact us! Sincere thanks to the ANPA volunteers and the hairy pets that they care for.

Asti and Alba are chairmen of the delegation
Marianzella Ariot and Claudia Otaviani

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