“The sinner gives the best of commands. Museti needs one year. And Alkaraj.” – OA Sport

Take stock of the situation. World tennis clay court season has begun Monte CarloA starting point for fine palate, some important findings: An encore from the Greek Stefanos Sitcipas, a level of play that is nothing but disgusting, and two standard-holders of Bell Payes, Jannick Cinar and Lorenzo Musetti. That is, the attitude towards the game and the outcome, However, considering what will happen, they have given a positive signal.

In this regard, let’s take a look at what happened Billy Jean King Cup 2022We talked about this in the last episode Tennismania on Sport2uStay in partnership OA SportWith the participation of Director D Italian Tennis, Stefano SemeraroAnd with guests Paolo LorenziA former excellent tennis player and now a TV commentator Sky Sports Also appointed Deputy Director of the Rome Tournament.

Lorenzi answered a variety of questions with great care and with great precision. We started with the muse, Who qualified for the 16 rounds in the Principality, has shown great tennis thanks to the victories against the French Benoit pair and the top-10, Felix Agar-Aliasim. He then stopped against Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman, but also showed in the losing match against South American Tuscany that he was on the right track.

ATP Barcelona 2022: Lorenzo Musetti beats Daniel Evans and wins a rematch with Diego Schwartzman

I admired his attitude, the first few days did not make the game easy because of the wind. He proved his worth against Schwartzman, releasing high quality tennis for one and a half sets. His performance is even more noticeable when you think about what Citcipas had to do to win the quarter-final against Argentina. True, Lorenzo could have stopped it, but Diego is a very uncomfortable opponent because he is never eliminated. Musetti must have a consistent attitude throughout the match and, above all, take a step on the pitch after the first shot. It has the originality to distinguish when it is near the line because it knows how to open the field like a few others in the circuit. In addition, the service must be an additional weapon to ‘kill the game’ against the highest level players. I believe this 2022 is still a transition year, but I am sure that in 2023 we will see it very much“, Lorenzi said.

The discourse focuses on the sinnerMonegask knocked out the quarter-finals of the tournament for the first time in his career and in any case beat a high-profile player like Andrei Rublev, the author of Enough Path, and put Alexander Zverev in a very difficult position, who easily won. Short time to tie-break in the third set. Sienij’s opinion, associated with Janik, is interesting.

Honestly, I gave him favorites against Zaverev because he was playing well. A match that was decided due to different experiences between the two and could not be the best due to pain in the leg. Combining all this leads to a very positive assessment of South Tyrolian, considering that he defeated Rubelov, a finalist in the tournament and able to beat Nadal, last year. So far, the difference between him and the ‘second tier’ players is impressive, but he also manages the game against the players in front of him in the stands. I have seen Zavrev suffer at the hands of his own people and force him to do his best to stay with them. It bodes well for the seasons on earth

1000 Principles which was also an element of attention at that time Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovicc, who dropped out of the second round for various reasons. Lorenzi said:Alcaraz can’t always win because some people claim that the level is high and it is very difficult to make a nice and long lasting performance. He is certainly the most talented of the new generation of players, but I believe that tennis will not only be polarized because there are so many opponents and I include our Italians. For Djokovic, I think we’ll see him in shape at Paris and Wimbledon, I don’t think he’ll have any problems.

In this analysis, a few words have been reserved Matthew BerettiniStopped due to injury, which could leave the entire season red for better preparation for someone on the grass: “I see him well for grass tournaments, because of his qualities and his tennis. It will be strong for me in London, then we will see the scoreboard too

Finally, a joke about the Billy Jean King Cup 2022 and the Davis Cup girls: “Work is underway to build a movement for women and I am sure they will do well there too; For Davis, if there are no physical problems, you can win

Video interview with Paolo Lorenzi

Photo: LiveMedia / Alessio Turpini

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