Ukrainian dance academy, war breaks out Archimboldi and Scala-Korean ballet

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Director of the Ukrainian Ballet Academy which brings together Russians, Belarusians and Moldovan: they always consider each other as brothers. In April, Palinin (Archimboldi) and Zakharova (Scala), former Putin supporters, returned: “Should they condemn the Russian invasion?”

The echoes of the war shook the dance world of Milan. Teachers at the Ukrainian Academy of Ballet, located in Istituto del Marcelin in Thria Quadrno, an affiliate of Kiev’s Homologous School, are shocked. Its teaching staff looks like a map of the former USSR that Putin now wants to restructure with weapons: two Ukrainian teachers, two Russians, one Belarusian, two Moldovan. Director Katarina Calvino Prina, with a love of dance from Manja, says: Ukrainians Violetta Cotirillo and Victoria Kovtun were convinced that war would never begin and now their families are under Kiev bombing. My teachers are stunned and incredible, they always think of themselves as brothers, Also in the teaching of the Vaganova method, which is common in Eastern countries. Apolitical art.

The echo of the bomb

Calvino founded the Milanese Dance School in 2005 (150 students enrolled in an eight-year course, almost all Italians, except some Greeks, Germans, Swiss), the director of the academy’s parent company in Ukraine, after meeting with former ballerina Alvina Kalchenko of the opera theater in Pine Kiev. I am in daily contact with him: at the age of 85 he was forced to take refuge in the cellar of his home in the center of Kiev. Panicked but does not want to leave his city. Sincere request from Russian teacher Oksana Beliyeva: I am close to the Ukrainian people in my heart and I think to them that we are there. The agony and bewilderment of the fratricidal war is especially felt in this academy – artistically a resident of Tetro Degli Archimboldy where school performances take place – which proudly attracts two ballet superstars, including Ukrainian by birth but Russian passports. Sergei Palunin and Svetlana Zakharova: He gave a masterclass to the students, was the only spectator of an exhibition in his honor by the boys on the Archimboldy stage last November, when he rehearsed in La Scala in Nureyev’s La Bayadre: Incredibly Liberal Artist – he says Calvino Prina -. We reached out to Palinin on Facebook: she answered enthusiastically, giving our students a one-and-a-half-hour masterclass for free. Zakharova followed the performance of the boys sitting on the porch of the armchair so as not to miss a single detail.

The stars on stage

In April, Palinin (in Archimboldi) and Zakharova (in La Scala), both former Putin supporters, will return to dance in Milan. Born in Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine that fell to Russia yesterday, Palin was a fan of President Putin, So much so that he tattooed his face on his chest: then the tattoo was removed and a change of peace and love took place after meeting Russian figure skater Elena Ilyinich. On April 9 and 10 in Archimboldy he will present Ballet Rasputin where he explains the controversial mystical, cold time of imperialist tyranny: from Dubai, where his wife is waiting for the birth of a second child, he announces that he will soon communicate his position on the Ukraine war. Following the controversy over investing Valery Gargiev, a Utah supporter, on the La Scala stage for La Dama de Spacer, one would think that Zakharova – expected to die with a swan at the Piermarini on April 9 in Gala Fraki – would also be asked to condemn the brutal Russian attack. Born in Lutsk, Ukraine, but a Russian by nationality, Zakharova was elected a Moscow Dumar deputy in 2008 for the post of Putinian United Russia party. L’Tail said at the time that he was disillusioned with the political experience, and that in Italy he had a fraternal relationship with his Ukrainian colleagues.. In addition to her cheek freak, Roberto Bole dancer Olga Smirnova, another Bolshoi star, has teamed up with a company that symbolizes Moscow’s soft power. Will the argument of industry or state prevail?

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