6-foot walk in Vicenza

In agreement with the Vissinger Municipality and on the occasion of Environment Day dedicated to the protection of animals, Pro Loco of the Vissinger Historic Center is pleased to invite you to the “6-foot cultural walk” scheduled for Sunday, April 24. 2022.
The meeting of the participants is scheduled at 15.00 on the East Exedra of Campo Margio, with a departure at 15.30 near the dog walk. About two hours later I reached the same place.
Compared to the first version of 2019, this time the proposed route is a bit shorter and as usual it will happen with your dogs inside the historic center of the city.
Participants, divided into different groups to be able to maintain adequate security distance, will be accompanied by expert guides who have been working in the historical, artistic, architectural sector for years and are part of the CTG “La Rua” city. Cultural Association which has been collaborating with PLCS for some time.
The “6-legged cultural walk” has two purposes:
1. Introduce a series of little-known monuments, architecture and cultural heritage to participants;
2. Raise awareness among adults and children on how to lead your dog safely in public areas and outdoors.
To let citizens know and understand the basics of the right relationship with nature and the environment around us, as well as the right way to communicate with your pet in a public area.

Sunday 24 April Environmental Training Day will be held, the fifth in 2022, dedicated to the protection of animals. Organized by the Department of the Environment, the initiative will bring a variety of events to the city and will not limit circulation within the historic walls.


NPA, the manager of the municipal canal, will set up an information point on the activities promoted by the association at Piazzale de Gasperi from 9.30 to 19, where food offers and sanitary devices for animal care will be collected. In addition, Pizzardi Editore’s “Amici Cucciolotti” sticker album, an initiative promoted by Enpa nationally, will be distributed free of charge. Proceeds from purchased stickers will help the dog fill the dog’s bowls: eight sachets match a portion of the food purchased.

A “6-legged cultural walk” will be proposed by Pro Loco at the historic center. The route will start at 3.30 pm from Campo Marjor Xedra, near the dog walk. It is expected to reach the same place in about two hours. Participants will be together with their dog, divided into different groups, to be able to maintain adequate safety distance, with the center to discover a series of little-known monuments and cultural heritage by expert guides who are working inside. Over the years. Historical, artistic, architectural and cultural associations of the city belong to La Rua Youth Tourism Center which has been collaborating with Pro Loco for some time.

The Vicenza Happy Trees Association and the Pueri Cantores del Veneto will continue, as part of the “Vivi Natura in Musica” project, to renovate the Cricoli Car Park, launched on the occasion of the Environmental Sunday 21 November for the Tree Festival. We will proceed with the planting of 60 hornbeam trees in the inner perimeter related to the current camper area from 9. The plants, which will complete the perimeter hedge, were donated by Emiliano Veto of Beleafing. At 10.30 there will be a musical moment by young singers from the Pueri Cantors Music School, led by Ustad Roberto Fioretto.

Admission to the Natural Archaeological Museum and the Civil Museum of the Palazzo Chierica will be free throughout the day.

Bus station

For the whole day, the studio and Cricoli Interchange parking lot will be available to reach the historic center. Bus center services will be free from both parking lots. Holidays will be effective, with frequencies approximately every 20 minutes, from 9 to 20.30.

Bike sharing

On the occasion of Environmental Training Sunday, RideMovi, a bike sharing service concessor, will offer the possibility of subscribing to a monthly subscription at a cost of 4.99 euros instead of 12.99 euros. Offer includes unlimited use of muscle-traction bikes and electric bikes for 15 minutes at a cost of 1.25 euros. Membership, if not canceled, will be renewed automatically at the end of 30 days at 12.99 euros.

Bad weather

In case of bad weather, outdoor ventures and free bus service will be canceled.

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