6 things they can predict

Cats: 7 Things They Can Predict (Getty Images)

In ancient times they were all convinced: cats would have magical powers. During the witch hunt, many cats were burned along with their owners accused of witchcraft. But do cats really have the power? Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. But cats can predict seven things in advance. Here they are down.

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Cats can predict earthquakes.
Our cat friends have highly developed senses, which sometimes predict catastrophic events, such as earthquakes. There is a lot of evidence that cats behaved strangely shortly before the earthquake: a certain nervousness, a special urge to leave the house, an attempt to escape, an attempt to reach the top of the house.
This is not surprising: according to experts, cats’ highly developed senses allow them to perceive static changes that occur just before an earthquake. In addition, they will be able to sense the tremors that were felt before the earthquake.

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Cats can predict natural disasters
The same senses that allow cats to predict earthquakes allow them to predict other natural disasters. It is well known that when it starts to rain, the cats get more excited than usual, as if they feel electricity in the air. But cats are also able to predict volcanic eruptions, cyclones, tsunamis, and hurricanes because they are highly sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature, and Earth’s motion.

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Cats can understand some diseases
There are studies that show that cats are able to detect when their owners are not physically fit. In particular, in some cases, cat owners have discovered that they have cancer because their cat was rubbing hard against a specific part of the body. Similarly, cats will be able to understand the onset of epileptic seizures. In other cases, they let their human friends discover that they have diabetes.

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Cats feel the change in our mood
Here it has nothing to do with foresight, but cats live by keen observation and instinct. It is easy for them to perceive changes in our moods that make them more playful when they feel or see us as particularly active, and they lie or roar beside us when we are in the dump.

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When someone enters the house, the cat hears
Equipped with an exceptional sense of smell and hearing, cats are not unusually able to warn us when someone is coming into the house, be it a family member or a stranger. And for those of us who are coming back, it is not uncommon for us to wait behind closed doors.

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Cats can feel death
There is a lot of research on this: some cats seem to be able to understand when a person is dying. Thanks for their highly developed sense of smell. When an organism dies, certain substances are released due to changes in the organism. Cats sense changes in smell. There are many who stay by the side of the owner until the last moment.

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