Cats, five things they absolutely can’t stand

Sometimes shy but they hug whenever they want, cats are as fascinated as they are hard to understand at times. For this reason, thanks to expert opinions, Sanicat (a well-known brand of cat litter) provides some useful tips for discovering domestic cats through 5 things that they absolutely can not stand.

Learn how to live with one Cats It is essential, first of all, to get to know Signal The cat that sends with him Gestures; As a result, it’s just a matter of finding out how to keep a cat Happy Or Annoyed This will make it easier to build a solid bond.

Cats are actually very animals Fascinating; However, it is not always clear what they feel. In the face of this, Sanikat Some offer Advice Useful, illustrated Five things Than cats They do not love Absolutely “Learning what cats hate is the first step in establishing a relationship of trust and affection with them.“; Like this Ignacio DutchSanicat’s head of R&D explains the importance of knowing what cats can’t stand.

Stray cat

Cats hate: water, dirt and bad smells

If we can avoid some of the things that can hurt them Suspicious And OffensiveThey will repay us by proving to be the perfect companion for lifeIgnacio Dutch explains why it’s important to know and study things that cats don’t perceive Behavior. First, one thing many probably know is that cats don’t like to be (at least for the most part) Wet; The motivation for this rejection can be found in them The evolutionary path. Domestic cats, as explained in the Sanicat note, are descendants of wild Arab cats, which lived in arid areas or in shallow water; And that’s why you won’t get used to the relationship with themWater Even this one consideration is enough Threats.

Ignacio Dutch explained: “Cats have something to do with water Ancestral. This does not mean that some cats may develop a less conflicting relationship with this element, even becoming a game if they have been accustomed to it since they were kittens.“In this respect we can connect the second and third ‘conflicting’ relationships for cats; in fact, cats, even if they do not appreciate water, love it. To clean. They spend most of their day licking and cleaning themselves and as a result they hate Bad smell And Dirty.

LawThe smell It is highly developed in these animals and for this reason some odors can be extremely annoying for them; These include deodorants or extremely strong scented household cleaners. Cats need to feel comfortable; For this reason, the Sanicat R&D manager explained: “Relationship with yourself Hygiene This is essential for cats, especially when it comes to their intimacy. A clean and fresh litter box is one of the most important things if you want your fur friend to look happy and peaceful.

Keep loud words and unwanted contacts away

As well as the sense of smell, tooHearing This is a highly developed feeling in cats; So many cats hate The sound Loud horns, loud songs, screams, sudden bangs. These annoying noises can excite cats and make them even Offensive In response to this Fear. Therefore, avoiding chaotic environments and trying to limit abrupt noise is a great way to avoid stress in animals and gain their trust.

And finally, it is important to know that cats love them snuggles, But only on their specific request. This means that i Introduction Can be a nuisance for unwanted cats. By its solitary nature, it is necessary that cats need physical contact; Wait for her to come over and make a request Caress. Be careful, however, no Exaggerate By embracing they may soon be annoyed. Moreover, in the conclusion of the note, the cats “They always want the last word


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