Here’s how Marcelo Viola can save the Milan prosecutor’s office, but hell is waiting for him.

Emphasize that “the symbol of the magistrate’s work is not the eagle or the lion, but the mule”, as in the Primadona environment Office of the Public Prosecutor of Milan, It’s not really just a joke. This is already a style lesson, one given Wednesday morning Marcelo Viola, Those who have seen the glory of the year get to manage the offices Tangentopally And those who are tired today, dusty and isolated by internal strife, doubt and interrogation Brescia. The new prosecutor came from “outside”, and this has not happened since 1972, when the last office in the corridor on the fourth floor of the Palace of Justice in Milan was occupied by another Sicilian.Giuseppe Michael.

The first welcome is formal, suitable for good families. The transfer is entrusted to a former alumnus, Edmondo Bruti Liberty, Not until then Francesco Greco Because it is impossible Covid. Also missing Laura Pedio, Which was always the closest to the additions. But the top of the palace is complete: by the Grand Master of Formalities Roberto Beachy, President of the Court, a Giuseppe OndeiTo the President of the Court of Appeal, the Attorney General Francesca Nani. There is also an assistant prosecutor. The form is so secure. But traces left by Francesco Greco, who feared for the future the presence of someone not in the continuity of history, who would “move toward the normalization of the Milan prosecutor’s office, reduce it to deal with local news investigations”.

The message of the “mule” is very clear, and anyone who wants to hear it will be forced to do so. Now enough with the heroes, the eagle’s pindarik flight and the lion’s roar. From today there will be normality, mention of normalcy Milan There is a lot of need. A little reason that it was born right there “Judicial Republic” Which should now be accompanied by hand until its disappearance, so that the administration of justice can be kept within the framework of the rules of due process. And also because of a certain systematic ease, especially in investigations involving the world of politics, citizens often spend time and money on processes that should not have been started. Some recent “flops”, such as the regional president’s non-existent tax evasion investigation Atilio Fontana Rather, the recent acquittal of the Minister on appeal Massimo Garavagalia And former Under Secretary Mario Mantovani Still burns the skin of Italy’s most famous prosecutor. Eagles and lions with cut nails. Not to mention the perpetual and decisive investigation against Ruby One and Two and Three Silvio Berlusconi, That end (and will end) we know.

It is past, and it can be left to history. But the truth is that the “mule” Violet Put it at the forefront as an integral principle (“These are the values ​​I will try to inspire my business”), “Freedom, professionalism, responsibility”. Breathing fresh air. Which, of course, will be tested on a daily basis. But the freedom that is associated with the promise of high quality work (professionalism) and the commitment to respond (responsibility) for what has been done, is a qualitative leap compared to losing oneself in the passive memory of what it was and what it was. Which no longer exists. As well as attention – which is good to declare but above all to practice – towards the rights of the accused and the victims. But hell is waiting for you, Attorney Viola. These are not insignificant, as the problems of office restructuring may seem more than just a few Milanese alternatives in Brescia or the numerous inquiries open against the former. Davigo, And even its predecessor Francesco Greco.

It takes some historical memory to fully understand this, in the small world on the fourth floor where an ordinary public prosecutor was told. Tonino di Pietro He became famous all over the world and helped change the history of the Italian Republic, overthrowing the ruling parties for fifty years, no one seems to be a mere foot soldier, except the “mule”. Here in Milan. Purple, The term “alternative” carries no meaning risk. Everyone in the corridor you will be presiding over feels like a hero, everyone is a procurator. Ask your ex coworker Greek What happened in 2019 was when he tried to restore some discipline and respect for classification, so that each deputy put their point of reference to an assistant prosecutor and department head. Normal things elsewhere. Not at all Milan. There was a revolt here. Until more recently, where there seems to be a work schedule and organizational problems, some processes have been involved, such as managers. Annie, Or with an investigation initiated by the Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Here are the options where we are in the world Paolo Storyri He went back to the CSM councilor (according to him he was forced). Piercamillo Davigo Because the head of his department Laura Pedio And the same attorney Greek The lawyer’s statement outside of this has been underestimated Annie In a Masonic lodge by name Hungary It is also a world where a hundred Milanese magistrates then ran in favor of the young alternative and against the chief prosecutor. Csm And one on its commissions, punitive and transfer. It is, however, the place where, between whispers and gossip, the lid of that statement was suspected to have kept the veracity of the allegation intact. Eni top management. Who had to be reprimanded at any cost (but was later acquitted), to the point that he faced a clear ring of poisonous flesh against those who presided over the court to try the accused, Prosecutor of Milan Chosen to send meatballs Brescia. A shameless attempt to dismiss that president. And then they talk about the “culture of jurisdiction” of the prosecutor!

And then PM Fabio de Pasquale, Who played the role of prosecutor in a trial that ended tragically not only for the acquittal of the accused, he was stubborn and appealed, yet offered himself in his role, which was not granted to him by the General Prosecutor’s Office. And there are still clashes and controversies, when he himself was being investigated in Brescia because he did not present evidence in defense. And eventually he will be targeted, but only after his defeat, by the Proxy Eagle and the Lion because the department he pointed out (international crime) was at that time. Francesco Greco, Considered as privileged and exempted from general administration. The real thing.

And then again, if we want to continue the list of thorny issues on the agenda at the prosecutor’s desk. Purple, It is necessary to remember the very unpleasant story of the Lombard trend of investigation Monte de West. With another, another negative light in the prosecutor’s office, again covered up and the same suspicion Greek Brescia has been investigated and a false report that has been seen as a victim has sparked a heated debate between Milan’s deputy attorney general and the first and second-degree prosecuting offices. Today the magistrate appeared tired and quarrelsome Milan. And a beautiful crown of thorns is already ready on the new procurator Marcelo Viola. But if it is true that the mule is a symbol of an animal that has great courage, as well as the ability to withstand the hottest temperatures, e.g. Calabria And Sicily, Probably the right guy came to Milan. Or at least we hope so.

Italian politician and journalist, he was a deputy of the Italian Republic in the 11th, 12th and 13th legislatures.

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