Municipal Palermo, Mississippi has officially converted the candidacy of Francesco Casio. There are 5 mayoral candidates in the center now

“Stop the delay”, the note begins with Gianfranco Micciché Confirming wall against wall with allies, Palermo launched the race for mayor Francesco Casio, Physician and former president of the regional council. A real bomb has been launched in the Sicilian center-right, formalizing “against all” in Palermo. Not exactly a bolt from the blue: for a few days, in fact, the coordinator of Fi in Sicily, Micciché, did not shoot an arrow at the Sicilian governor, Nello Musumechi. Force operator Al, with an interview this morning until the last broadcast Courier (“In five years he has insulted the parties,” he said, referring to the governor) and the answer La7 Of the President (“Micciché sure to call the parties in the morning to rule, he is not part of my political structure”, the governor replied).

But what to do with it Musumechi With the Sicilian capital administration? For weeks the Palermo center-right has been hanging around for parties’ tug-of-war with regionalists that will take place in the fall, a few months before politics. Until now, therefore, administrations relied on regional agreements, where the tug-of-war even ended between the two. Salvini And Watermelon: The first is ambitious for the Sicilian presidency candidate, the second for the reinstatement of Musemi, who is close to FDI despite having his own movement. In recent days, however, Salvini’s claim to the territory seems to have softened with the formality of the candidacy in Palermo. Francesco Scoma. To many, behind the Sicilian parties, it seemed like a relaxed gesture, an opening for Maloney. And probably not by chance Ignacio La RusaAppointed by the FDI leader to handle the Sicilian electoral dispute, he welcomed the candidacy “with interest, not with respect”. Meanwhile, the FDI has not withdrawn the Palarmitan candidate, Carolina Verchi. All this while in Verona Vinitali, where both Museumsi and Mikichi were present for the promotion of Sicilian products, a real theater was set up between the two, which was originally set to predict the outcome: No: center-left cats? Even cats will win “. However, in the last few days the bride and groom have made every effort. Initially La Rusa who offered a table to allies to resolve all disputes: “They can also come to my house in Liguria, until Friday, and from Tuesday, the door is open to all.”

But to most, the fracture seemed irreversible so far, and so it was: “Now we’re in a full-blown storm,” admits the longtime Sicilian politician. Despite the hope, the note with which Micciché Cascio was launched ended: “My hope is that the alliance will find the desired unity on this historic and authentic name of the center-right.” At the moment, however, it’s chaotic: “If you try to figure out what’s going on in Sicily you’ll go crazy”, he advises only Thursday. Marcelo del Utri. Berlusconi’s historic right-hand man, who has been jailed for external complications, has moved to Palermo in recent months to pull the strings of an alliance trying to bring peace to Forza Italy, splitting Mikichi’s anti-government stance. But Del’Utre’s descent from Palermo failed to produce results, and today Faye’s coordinator has officially announced Casio’s candidacy against a section of his own party who favored the candidacy. Roberto Lagalla: “He’s the best candidate,” said Dale Utri In Casio, however, it will merge Toto Kaffaro, On which many votes still depend on personal health and beyond. Among Museumsi’s opponents, walking backwards, will be Rafael Lombardo, who sat in the front row at the Polytama Multisala on Thursday when his man, Toto Lentini, spoke in a crowded room and quoted Sturzo as saying “don’t forget I’m a Christian Democrat.” And so, with Del’Utri On the one hand, Kafaro On the other hand (who instead paid a penalty for helping and assisting) with the New Christian Democracy and in between Banker (Appeal acquitted on charges of external competition) Everything in Sicily has a taste of going back to the past.

Of course there will be no peaceful return, however, if there are 5 center-right candidates in Palermo today (Verchi for FDI, Scoma for Lager, Lentini for Autonomous, Lagella for UDC and Casio for Phi, plus Renziano David Pharaoh Which, given the center-right balconization, may lean in the opposite direction). A very crowded painting, even atomized. That opens up prairies Franco MicelliLeft a center candidate who moved in time and briefly for once.

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