Paolo Bonolis: Talks about slapping Will Smith in the face at the Oscars on Radio RTL 102.5

Paolo Bonolis: Sanremo and TV

Paolo Bonolis led Sunremo in 2005 and 2009. Will we see him on the Ariston stage again? “They were all very nice, there were others. I believe that those who should write and construct have time in their minds and souls for everything. We thank important writers, including Marco Salvathi and Sergio Rubino, for their support, “said Bonolis. “It simply came to our notice then. We have a very good artistic director like Amadeus, everything is fine. “

Paolo Bonolis has also directed several television shows, including “Beam Baam Baam”. “I remember when I started ‘Beam Boom Boom’, the first time I went to work at Rai Television. I ran it for about seven years, it was another year, “said Bonolis. “Uan? She’s retired. The original Uan doll was in the Mediaset Museum and was stolen. They demanded a ransom, they didn’t pay it and then they took another.”

Among his performances, Bonolis is proud of the currently broadcast “Avanti Unaltra”. “I think it’s one of the toughest games on television, in my opinion,” Bonolis said. “Those who play are confused because they can’t distinguish the use of time.”

Interviews on Paolo Bonlis’ career

Which of the many interviews did Paolo Bonolis give him the most in his life? “There’s a lot here. I like Fanari so much in ‘El Senso della Vita’, even one with Gigi Proetti and one with Father Gabriel Amherst in ‘Domenica Inn.’ Because, the day before, the singer went to Fiorello and was angry at him for wearing a wig like his hair. We had a very nice interview on racial integration, let go, went to the piano and sang ‘Imagine’, “Bonolis said.” I’m Marilyn Manson. Interviews too, great.

He is always an interesting character in presenting himself, but with a great education. Although Hugh Grant was a little less, I did with him one of the things I enjoyed the most in Sanremo, because he didn’t want to do anything: I gave him an ‘English Lesson Number One’ course, I asked him how? They will never have a problem having tea and keeping cats on the table. He did not understand what was happening, the audience was having a lot of fun and to punish him more I forced him to sing a song by Antonella Clarisi. Will Smith’s interview in Sanremo was also interesting. What do I think of the slap he gave to Chris Rock during the Oscars? I think he wanted to manage the relationship with his wife, but he wanted to take it on the conductor. “

Curiosity about Paolo Bonolis

During the broadcast there were many messages for Paolo Bonolis. “It’s nice to have all this affection,” Bonolis said. “It simply came to our notice then. The important thing is that they realize it. There is an interesting rebound to the lightness I want to use in life, it is always needed. We have to live in peace, not to live by chance. “

One listener reminded Bonolis of a time when he was working in a tourist village. “I remember very well. I would color the balls every morning and show them over the counter for coffee, for these things, “said Bonolis.

Among the many passions of Paolo Bonolis are those for horror films. “The love for horror movies dates back to a long time ago when Nicolini, the former Rome culture councilor, asked me to host the first horror film festival with him. I also organized an award for it, it was called ‘Horror from Sewer’, the plot was non-existent. A film is so bad that it was beautiful in my eyes, a certain story, “said Bonolis.

Paolo Bonolis and football

“I feel at home with Simon Inzaghi. He does not ask me for advice and I do not leave it up to him, “said Bonolis. “I am unable to give advice. Comments, for a moment in a pleasing way “.

Inter Milan comments in the last match? “Cancel goal? Was it an arbitration oversight, wasn’t it? Who can say? The referees make their decisions based on what happened, “said Bonolis. “Trying to argue about a 3-0 is a very complicated thought looking stunt. What does it feel like to be close to a Scudetto win? It feels so good after a win. Is happier than arrival “.

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