Quantum mechanics on display at the Como Silk Museum

Amazing Quantum worldThis set of laws governing the daily life of atoms and elementary particles has been explained to non-experts.

This is how the exhibition presents itself “Speechless – Quantum Superposition”: A popular inauguration of a world discovery that is almost parallel to us, complex, difficult to understand, but with which we encounter every day and immerse ourselves.

The exhibition stops Como Edited by Insubria University and Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology In collaboration with the National Research Council, the Alessandro Volta Foundation and the Silk Museum, where it is held from 23 April to 8 May.

The exhibition is part of a three-year Italian Quantum Weeks project aimed at disseminating the underlying concepts of quantum physics and technology, involving more than 130 researchers and technologists, and more than 40 Italian research institutes, universities and scientific associations.

The national coordinator of the Italian Quantum Weeks Maria Bondani, Researcher at Cnr-Ifn and Professor of Physics at the University of Insubria; The local manager is Alessia Alevi, an associate professor in the Department of Science and Technology. Installed in various locations across Italy (Catania, Como, Florence, Milan, Modena, Naples, Padua, Rome).

Through videos, installations, games and works of art, it illustrates how Quantum Mechanics now enters everyday life. The first quantum revolution (Phase 1) started with some important technologies.

We then dive into Quantum Mechanics as a theory that is the basis of today’s new technology (Phase 2), to move into the world of information, how it is encoded and manipulated, and how it is applied to devices. Physical (stage 3).

Finally, two of the most important technologies are presented, namely Quantum Computers (Phase 4) and Quantum Cryptography (Phase 5), and their effects and uses in the world in which we live. In particular, the exhibition focuses on the concept of quantum superposition, “a property of the microscopic system (and not only) – he explains. Maria Bondani – which allows them to be in a state where two alternative possibilities coexist, such as an electron passing through two holes, or spinning up and down, or a Schrodinger cat living and dead.

Despite being intuitive, Quantum Superposition is a fundamental resource for the cryptographic protocol of Quantum Mechanics and the technical application of Quantum Computation. “The first quantum revolution – Maria Bondani added – not only proved that quantum mechanics is a true and difficult theory in the testing of information, but also led to an important technological development: just think of lasers and all electronic devices. A mobile phone or a personal computer. We are now experiencing what is called the Second Quantum Revolution in the world, arising from strategies developed towards the end of the last century, which today allow us to manipulate a single quantum object through the development of a new generation of technology. Types of sensors, new simulators and computers that encode data via Qubit, which replaces the basic elements of bit or quantum computing in quantum communication.

The Italian Quantum Week, Centered around World Quantum Day on April 14, is animated by educational workshops, Quantum game sessions, research laboratories and conference visits. The Insubrick program includes a final conference on the “Quantum Nature of Light” theme, with Alberto Porzio (Cnr-Spin, Naples) on Wednesday, May 18 in Como via Valleggio 11 from 6 to 7 p.m. www.uninsubria.it/insubria-quantum-week.

“Unspoken – Quantum Superimposition” – Como, Museo della Seta, via Castelnuuvo 9, Tuesday 23rd April to 8th May, Sunday 10-13 and 14-18, free admission, the possibility of guided tours with researchers and Insubria students for more information Book at quantumweeks@gmail.com, www.quantumweeks.it, www.uninsubria.it/insubria-quantum-week.

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