Tennis, Privacy of the young King Carlos Alcaraz of Miami

The new ATP rankings have doubled him: he’s the new No. 11. Carlos Alcaraz Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. “We aim to finish 2021 in the top 50,” his coach said just over a year ago. Juan Carlos Ferrero. The student, on the other hand, is making great progress: the top ten have opened their doors, all competitors have already labeled him as new Rafa Nadal.

Carlos Alcaraz: “Chess, Diet and Work: I’ll Be Number Tennis”

By Paolo Rossi

Alcaraz and Nadal

Already Nadal, his idol, is like many Spanish kids. In fact, Manakar has nothing to share with Alcaraj’s champion unless he has a strong desire to win. The two are very different on the field. The 18-year-old talent from Murcia pushes with much more horizontal strokes and aims to move forward to stop his acceleration. Unlike Rafa, a master of break management, he prefers rhythm, suffocating the opponent.

If he looks like a hungry crocodile in public and in the eyes of a competitor on duty (“It’s an animal,” Roddick said of him, Ed) Carlos is a cheerful and handsome man off the pitch. “It’s your destiny to be a champion but you are already a beautiful person and that is the most important thing,” he insisted after Sunday’s defeat. Caspar Rudd Snatching a moving smile and applause from Iberian, sitting next to him listening to him waiting to pick up the trophy.

Alcarez has started to get really serious in recent months. Start with detailed attention. “Until recently, I was losing hours and hours of sleep on the web and on social networks. Someone had to stay in the room with me for a few nights and check me out, “he recalled in an interview a few days ago. Republic.

Carlos Alcaraz won in Miami, Rudd lost in the final

By Jacopo Manfredi

How much has Alcaraz earned so far?

Alkarz was born on May 5, 2003, in El Palmer, Murcia, and became a professional in 2018. She has already won 2 million in singles awards in 2002, bringing her total career total to about 8 3.8 million. Miami is the third title of its career, and the world number 11 is its best ranking. This year he won the ATP 500 in Rio de Janeiro and became the youngest to do so and entered the top 20 at 18: the youngest since 1993 to date. He is also the youngest Miami winner.

Alcarez in diet and chess

Mystery, in addition to the technical care of coach Ferrero and Kike Navarro, lies in the support of the mental coach Isabel BalaguerA psychologist who has been working with her for two years, and a targeted diet designed for her by an athletic trainer. Alberto Ledo. “Before, he ate uncontrollably, even less than what a professional should have. We increase glycogen for energy, but for carbohydrates, proteins, for recovery and to build mass and partly fat, ”Lledò underlines. In fact, everyone has noticed a significant increase in the body. “He gained 4 kg: two muscles and 2 fat. Carlos had a lack of fat mass, which in turn is fundamental to the growth and development of hormones. “

Alcaraz lives for tennis (“I can watch as many games as I can as soon as possible, even on YouTube”, he says) and likes to relax in chess: “They help me train my concentration. In chess, like tennis, you lose for a moment. Go and risk getting distracted. They are two very similar disciplines in this respect. “Besides, sleep is good. I realized that rest is essential for an athlete. Sleep increases your strength and protects your body from wear.” Word and life, in short, are already number 1. Now you have to wait a little longer to verify it.

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