The ideal guru from the character

A Catalan Sheepdog: Everything you need to know to understand character, lifestyle and what an owner should look like.

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Home and time sharing with a four-legged friend, It is advisable to opt for a breed Canina cHe reflects his own personality by features.

This is a good place to start To facilitate coexistence, Natural e In most cases Happy for both of us.

Likes Of lineage It has to happen That’s not it For Physical characteristics (As often happens) but also for this Character and The The way of life of animals.

Why, then, choose to adopt a Catalan sheep dog? Let’s find out together.

Adopt a Catalan sheep dog: character and ideal owner

To adopt A Catalan sheep dog Without knowing the character And what is its ideal owner, This is a big mistake Let us know what you know about this breed.

Get to know these aspects of the lineage Is Essential Be able to start a happy and long coexistence with your new fur friend.

Adopt a dog, In fact, It is a choice of great responsibility And I know it Dogs can’t adapt At your own pace but the exact opposite.

Choosing the right dog, Or more consistent with one’s nature with physical and behavioral characteristics, This means being able to know in advance the elements of a chosen race.

To do this, it is essential Make a brief summary Race, start From the origin, through the physical features, then reaching the character of the offspring.

In this case, in today’s article, we will provide you all the necessary components Understand whether adopting a Catalan shipdog is the right choice for you And your family.

Catalan sheep dog, is A Catalan dog breed In size AverageStrong look, that It measures about 47-55 cm and weighs 15-18 kg.

Ideal breed for it Animal Husbandry Management, But Is Also Extremely regarded as a dog As a watchman and companion for the whole family.

Puppy socialization is important so that the Catalan Shepherd can get along well with humans and other pets.

Until then, He was quite cautious at firstBut As soon as he gains confidence, he will show himself sweet and playful, At least to his family, with whom he is extremely protective.

Catalan Shepdog is an indefatigable worker, with indomitable vitality, he loves to play, he Active, affectionate, but also belligerent, regional.

He is a very attentive dog And above all be careful, this is why it is often used to defend and guard the house or land.

In addition, It is a dog that barks when it feels threatened Or If he thinks his lord is in dangerFor this reason it is suitable for the defense of a property.

This is also a breed Training is easy And responds quickly to orders.

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The lifestyle of the Catalan sheep dog

Not to be underestimated, it is also the lifestyle of the breed, because it is very useful to know if it is the right dog for you.

Catalan Shepherd Dog
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Catalan sheep dogs, like all other sheep dogs An animal that likes to be outside. It is not very suitable for the spaces of a city apartment and even in this case it is a dog that likes to be in the garden.

However, It also fits inside the houseUntil he can go out for a long walk and run outside every day.

He likes to spend time with people he knows and trusts.

He is also very good in sports Such as agility, obedience test or flyball.

It goes without saying It requires a sporty and all lazy masterA person who loves nature, with a pulse but less prone to aggression.

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Catalan sheep dog It does not require much careIs Brush twice a weekAnd bathe him only when it is really needed.

Finally, with good maintenance it can last Lifespan is about 12-14 yearsBecause it does not suffer from special pathology.

Self If you decide to adopt a Catalan sheep dog, it is always better to turn to breeding Which can guarantee the integrity of the animal.

Certified structures of communication also exist in Italy. Price Of the Catalan priest About 700-900 euros.

Inside This article Will find Much more curiosity about With many, including the Catalan shepherd dog Name suggestion Give your puppy.

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