Why and how to understand what bothers Fido

It’s not like our four-legged friends can handle it all. Let’s see why dogs get bored and what we need to observe to understand it.

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Very often we humans tend to be bothered by a situation, a person’s behavior or something else. However, we are not the only ones who annoy certain situations or people Our four-legged friends may be annoyed by something or someone.

We can do things ourselves that annoy our fur friends. But how can we Understand whether Fido is bothered by something or someone? Let’s take a look at what to look for when dogs are bored and what we can do to help them.

Understand when a dog is bored and how

Who says our fur friends take it all? In fact, dogs can be as annoying as our humans.

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Our four-legged friends can be annoyed by different things and each annoying is divided into 3 different forms: Intraspecific formThe Heterospecific form e There Environmental form.

There Intraspecific form, When the dog is in contact with another animal or dog. For example, our four-legged friend often arrives at a certain time of year Insects are bothered by such fleas and ticks.

This annoyance not only leads the dog to scratch, but can also lead to strange behaviors such as hiding Fido at home. However, today it is possible to help our fur friend from this annoyance, using Pesticide products.

But parasites and insects are not the only animals that can bother a dog, especially if it is a female dog. In fact, the latter can be disturbed by male dogs, especially when they are in the dog area.

Everyone thinks that a male dog can forcibly communicate with a bitch is a normal interaction between animals. But not at all, many bitches may be annoyed by such behavior.

It is the duty of parents of human dogs to ensure that their fur friend behaves appropriately. If you are unable to do this on your own, it is important for the dog to seek the help of a communication and social agency specialist.

There Heterospecific form, When dogs are disturbed by humans. For example, when we caress our hairy friend while he is resting in bed, even if it is a nice gesture, Fido can be annoyed by this gesture.

But how do we understand if the dog is annoyed with our behavior? Dogs can show different attitudes when they are bothered by what we do, such as:

  • Lift up your eyes
  • Get away from us
  • Acting in an embarrassed manner
  • Fix us
  • Hanging ears

Finally Environmental formWhen our four-legged friend is disturbed by certain sounds, smells or other situations arising in his daily environment.

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What to do if the dog is upset?

There can be many things that annoy our fur friends and there are many solutions to help Fido.

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First, if, as mentioned in the previous paragraph Our dog’s annoyance is caused by fleas or ticksIt is necessary to use pesticide products to avoid feedo discomfort.

If our four-legged friend is bothered by another animal, it is a must Make sure the dog is trained not only for a good education, but also for socialization.

On the other hand, if we bother the dog, we are advised to understand what has bothered the dog and we should eliminate the behavior.

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This is also very important Don’t get angry if the dog behaves annoyinglyBecause it can make the problem worse and turn general annoyance into aggression.

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