Coronavirus worldwide: 3 million new cases worldwide every day. In France, the obligation to wear outdoor masks has been abolished

An average of more than 3 million new covid cases were recorded worldwide last week, more than five times since the discovery of the Omicron variant in late November, according to an AFP tally. The region that currently records the highest increase in the number of infections is Asia, followed by the Middle East and Latin America.

France: Mandatory outdoor mask from February

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday evening that the vaccine pass would be implemented “subject to the decision of the Constitutional Council” and that sanctions against Kovid would be gradually lifted. Obligation to wear masks and compulsory telework will end outside February 2 (this is still recommended). Nightclubs will be able to reopen on February 16. Also, from Monday the booster dose of the covid vaccine will be approved without compulsion for children aged 12 to 17 years.

United Kingdom lifts anti-Johnson Covid ban: No more indoor masks, “vaccination passport” revoked

By our correspondent Antonello Guerra

Nine members of a military station in Antarctica have been evacuated

Nine members of an Argentine science and military base in Antarctica were evacuated this weekend after an outbreak in which 24 of the base’s 43 residents were infected with Covid-19. Nine positive cases, not vaccinated because they have been stationed at the Esperanza base since 2020, were evacuated by helicopter in a subtle operation during a few hours of weather windows and taken to Buenos Aires.

The Austrian parliament approved the obligation to vaccinate, the first country in the European Union

On Thursday, the Austrian parliament passed a law requiring all adults to be vaccinated against COVID-19, becoming the first European Union country to take such measures to fight the epidemic. The provision will be effective from 4th February

Covid, United Kingdom: After the mask, Johnson will also remove isolation and self-isolation: “We will consider it a flu.”

By our correspondent Antonello Guerra

In Mexico, Omicron is predominant in children

The largest North American country affected by the wave of the Covid variant recorded more than 3,000 infections among minors in the first two weeks of 2022. By the end of December there were 600 people. As of January 16, 826 children had been infected and 86,586 had been infected. Children are more at risk because they have not yet been vaccinated and are more susceptible to different forms of the same omikron that confirm themselves in Mexico. Hospitals are flooded with parents who don’t know if their children’s coughs and colds are linked to covid or the common flu. Controversy over the decision to reopen schools (12 states keep them closed) that would increase the risk of infection even if the government reduced the spread of the virus and claimed that it had nothing to do with returning to class and that everything was due to further transmission of Omicron.

Infections are declining in Africa, but only 10% of the population has been vaccinated

The weekly number of Covid-19 cases in Africa has “significantly decreased” and the number of deaths has also dropped, for the first time since the peak of the 4th wave induced by the Omicron variant, the WHO announced on Thursday. However, “as long as the virus continues to circulate, future waves are inevitable,” Dr. Matsidiso Moeti, WHO director for Africa, told a news conference. According to the WHO, vaccination rates are low in Africa, with only 10% of the population fully vaccinated.

India is testing vaccines for lions and leopards

Indian health authorities will test the coronavirus vaccine on lions and leopards. He is writing it Times of India Explaining that the trial was decided after two lions of Chennai Zoo died in complications following the Covid-19 deal. The goal is to evaluate the use of the vaccine used on large cats and administer 15 animals between the first and second doses at Sakkarabagh Zoo and within 28 days. Meanwhile, with an overall reduction in infections, New Delhi authorities have decided to lift the effective night curfew over the weekend and allow private companies to return to staff presence. In the Indian capital, about 80 per cent of beds in the hospital’s coveted ward were not occupied and since January 13th, the infection has been declining.

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