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16.38 The second subdivision has completed the first rotation.

16.33 Micol Minotti rated 12,150 free bodies. Notably, the 14,300 equivalent parallel to the pneumonia.

16.25 The second female subdivision begins, the level increases. Liga Mori’s Giglio Montevarchi and Giada Griscetti’s Centro Sport are different. Also on the platform are Biancoverde Imola and Ionica Gym.

16.22 The first male subdivision has just started the fifth rotation. Ferrara is 156.500 ahead of Pro Carate (155.750), Panaro Modena (155.600), Artistica Brescia (154.650) and Ares (148.700).

16.20 The first female subdivision has been completed Roman Gymnastics finished 144.050 ahead of Audace (136.400) and WSA (132.450).

15.55 Roman gymnastics in command with 108.150 after three rotations. Bold seconds with 99.350, WSA with 98.750.

15.40 The first subdivision now comes to life. You go to the entrance of the fairy platform.

15.30 We remind you that the last three will be classified in Serie A2.

15.15 We are moving towards the conclusion of the first rotation without significant performance.

15.02 We are preparing for the European Championships in August and the World Championships in the fall.

14.55 The fairies are returning from a good Jessolo trophy, where Italy was against the United States.

14.50 Brixia, Civitavecchia, Artistica 81 have in fact already qualified for the Final Six. Intense fighting will take place in the remaining three places.

14.45 The race begins in Naples

14.42 Each team fielded four athletes per machine, the best three scores being considered.

14.40 We compete in Palavesuvio, which will also host the 2024 European Championships. The facility will also host six Scudetto finals a month.

14 35 The first teams entered the competition area, now it’s time for warm-up minutes.

14.32 Salvatore Mareska was injured in the podium test yesterday.

14.30 Lots of expectations for men with Nicola Bartolini, Marco Lodadio, Carlo Machini.

14.25 Just like Civitavekia with Manila Esposito, you have to wait around 17.30 to see the fairies at work. It will start at 2.30pm with the teams behind the standings.

14.22 On the platform we will see Georgia Villa, Martina Maggio, Asia D’Amato, Alice D’Amato, Angela Andreoli, Veronica Mandriota. Elisa Yorio, who performed the surgery, was also absent.

14.20 Eve Brescia Brescia big favorite. The Italian champions have won the first two rounds and are aiming for a trio. Singhi can rely on all the gymnasts of the national team.

14.16 At the end of the day, it will be known which of the six qualifiers for the SIX Final will be awarded to Scudetto.

14.14 Race will start at 14.30.

14.12 The third and final round of the regular season of the Top Italian Artistic Gymnastics Championships is held in Palavesuvio.

14.10 Hello and welcome to the third Serie A 2022 episode of Artistic Gymnastics live.

Tender presentation

Hello and welcome to the live Serie A 2022 of Artistic Gymnastics. The third round of the Most Italian Team Championship has taken place in Palavesuvio, Naples, the final appointment of the regular season: Today six teams have qualified for the Final Six which will be assigned to Scudeto and three teams will be defined to be relegated to Serie A2. We’re back on the platform a month after the Turin race, but in the meantime there have been two international events with Italy as a great hero: the Deutsche Pocal in Stuttgart and the Jessolo Trophy.

A great show is expected in the capital of Campania, where we will see the best talent in the national scene at work. Le Fate will perform with Leotard of the much-launched Brixia Brescia, Eve’s favorite, as always. The Italian champions begin their journey towards the declared normal victory. Georgia Villa, Asia D’Amato, Alice D’Amato, Martina Maggio They will try to do important exercises and make as few mistakes as possible Angela Androli and Veronica Mandriota. Elisa Yorio will not be in the match because of her operation. Manila Esposito’s Civitavecchia Gymnastics is a candidate for second place, then it will fight for the third stage of the podium (in previous outings Artistica celebrated 81 Trieste) and to qualify for the final six.

All stars announced on the men’s front: Nicola Bartolini (Free Body World Champion), Marco Lodadio and Salvatore Mareska (Silver and colored bronze in the rings, respectively), Thomas Grasso (On the World Cup vault stage), Carlo Machini (Pointing to the beam), Ludovico Edali And other leading men in the industry. Great fight between different teams.

OA Sport offers you live from the third stage of Artistic Gymnastics 2022 Serie A: News in real time, minute after minute, exercise after exercise, rotation after rotation, so you really don’t miss a thing. It starts at half past noon. Have a good fun.

Photo: Federica Salvatelli

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