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Now it’s Corsa Al’Anello’s time in Narni. Wide range of events including weekend conferences, shows, markets and exhibitions. Saturday will be the great day of the Guttamelata Militia who will celebrate the Thirty Years of Arms with a joint performance with Lame de Albournez and The Guardians of the Deer at 9.30pm at Piazza Galiotto Margio. The new part of the Corsa all’Anello ‘in arte veteri’, the reorganized medieval university, will be presented at the Giuseppe Manini Theater on Sunday at 5.30 pm. Donatella Tesei, President of the Umbria Region, will be present at the presentation.

Militia Guttmelata is celebrating its 30th anniversary A great milestone, the team that extinguishes the thirtieth candle after years of success and satisfaction, both in Narni, in the banquet dedicated to San Giovanale, and in squares across Italy, where performances are highly acclaimed. The Corsa Al’Anello Historical Group is led by Gianni Broadoni, Stefano Chiaruji and Gianni Di Antonio, responsible for the management committee of the Mezule district, the “father” of the company, which was founded in 1992 as a historical group. The arches, which were immediately named after the famous Narniz leader, called themselves ‘Grupo Arkiri Guttmelata’. The first group consisted of only archers and two musicians who accompanied them to the historic procession that animated the streets of the historic center before Corsa Al’Anello on Saturday. The band has since evolved, turned into a company: archers with swordsmen and clubbers, musicians from two elements over fifteen, as well as standard bearers and pavies for a total of forty elements. The company displays Norwegian leader Guttmelta’s coat of arms, cats, ropes and helmets, appearing on banners, pavilions and drums. The colors of their battles are inspired by the colors of the forests around the town of Green and Brown Narni. “This group of medieval historians was born in Corsa Al’Analo – explain to the managers – if we look to the past, it also marks an important milestone in the future as a springboard. Reconstruct siege, challenge, and war stories ৷ those who take part in our Square Show cannot fail to be moved by the sound of archers (often burning) arrows, or the sound of swordsmen’s blades and armor. Takes it back, creates a message in the listener that goes deep into the mind and heart.
With Le Lame di Albornoz di Narni and Guardiani del Cervo, they made everything even more spectacular and amazing. A huge thank you to all the millets who have been part of this group for these thirty years, each of whom has contributed to the development and consolidation of the company. We greet all our friends with our motto ‘Semper Militas’. Finally, we thank all those who have always given us warmth and recognition, our strength and inspiration in each of our performances in recent years. To mark its thirtieth anniversary, the Militants have also organized a photographic exhibition at the community’s Piazza Pozzo, which will bring the company’s history to life through photography.

Reconstruction of medieval university In 1305, the ‘In Art Veterinary’ studio was inaugurated at the Dominican Convent in Narni, for the education of priests, as well as for the general public devoted themselves to literature and science. In the Middle Ages Narni was the center of high-level cultural upheaval, liberal art masters, lawyers, doctors, physicists, surgeons, all were invited to practice their art, protected from any ‘crime’ by city law. Today, Narni seeks to re-establish itself as the center of medieval cultural fabric, especially in the medieval Middle Ages, as a medium for a broader view of history and work, which seeks to draw professionalism from a passion.
Narni, in Palazzo dei Priori, will host a new studio ‘In Art Veterinary 0, University of the Reconstructed Middle Age. The study, which will be a functional part of the Corsa Al’Analo, will have exactly the same organization as the medieval universities at both the management and structural levels. Purely intellectual art (liberal) and concrete (mechanics) will be present, all conducted by rectors, prosecutors, teachers and doormen. Specifically, the study, which will include the Corsa Al’Anello Culture Commission, will take care of project design, which includes tender invitation, publication, conference organization, course and workshop organization. Managing parchment publications and appendices will mark the current year to the next year’s theme, thus becoming a real form of knowledge. It will also use the collaboration of teachers from all over Italy in an external scientific department that will act as a consulting firm for the studio itself and Corsa Al’Anello’s third party. Courses in medieval art methods will be held, not only from the point of view of historical studies, but also to create antiquities, to give a new impetus to craftsmanship and to develop new skills. After all, the historic tailoring course that has already found a place
Corsa all’Anello headquarters. On the first floor of the Palazzo dei Priori will be the ‘Multimedia’ Museum, which is currently being set up, containing objects, art and other knowledge, such as clothing, musical instruments, jewelry, weapons and flags. During the presentation of the new organization, Rector (President), Vice Rector (Director), Prosecutor (Director of Liberal Industry and Director of Mechanical Industry), Teachers (Director of Literary, Scientific, Educational Industry) and Crafts, Department of Education (Art Department) will also be presented. Chancellor (Director of External Science) and Doorman (Course and Seminar Tutor).

Rings, united and distinct The much-awaited opening of Alessandro Montanari’s ‘The Ring – United and Distinct’ photo exhibition will also take place on Sunday. The appointment was made at 6.30 pm in the Palazzo de Prairie’s Dzipas Room. For the occasion, actor Francesco Montaneri will do some readings. Roman photographer Alessandro Montaneri wanted to tell Race to the Ring with a few shots that would excite viewers for the power of their communication, full of pathos and advice. Portraits and third parties are the main part of the exhibition, one of the highlights of the 54th edition of Corsa Al’Anello. The portraits tell the characters of Corsa Al’Anello, with an iconic style and want to represent the uniqueness and belonging of their own district. Ternieri are the three spirits of Narni, united and distinct, friend and foe, rival and ally at the same time. And then there’s the hostery, the home of each district, with a call from the couple in the center of each photo that symbolizes the reunion that Corsa brings to the district. The exhibition will be open on holidays and the days before the holidays from 11 to 13 and 18 to 22 and from 18 to 22 days of the week.

Weekend appointments There will also be a medieval market ‘Forge of Art and Crafts’ at Piazza de Priori on Sunday 24 April from 10 to 23. At 6.45pm there will be a ‘Domum Regiosis Eximmi Narnia 0’ in the cluster of Sant’Agostino, a tribute to the great Nernia Terry. There will be an exhibition by Scuola di Bandiera at Piazza Galeotto Marzio at 9.30 pm and will follow the show of Narni City Flag-wavers.

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