Amici 21 Sixth Evening and Report Card / LDA and Luigi enchant al glove vs Sissi and Alex

Amici 21, LDA ballot ends: The public is on his side

The sixth evening of Amiki 21Broadcast on Channel 5 on 23 April 2022, the LDA ordered an unexpected elimination, denying the TV spoilers of Amy News and Il Vicolo Dale News. The first heat The 3-team competition begins with a team led by Rudy Jarby and Alessandra Celentano, who challenge a team led by Raymondo Todro and Lorela Cuccarini. In the first challenge LDA As noted in Massimo Ranier’s Se bruciasse la città (Grade 8, it’s almost always the child of art who opens up the challenge and the show is always sincere; Alex In Ador U’s notes by Harry Style (Grade 7, the assignment is interesting, good voice but we have to work on interpretation and staging). The second challenge of the Amici 21 rank Michelle Esposito Putin’s choreography at the Ritz by Robbie Williams (Grade 8, Strategy and Stage Appearance) Nuncio Shakira’s objection to Stancampiano in a performance on Tango’s note (a compliment from the audience for performer Nunjio, grade 9). The third challenge is deploying gloves LDA and Luigi (Vote 10, listening to the duet and going viral on the web, even if the evidence is unfair because it’s in favor of the party that launched it, Kukka-Todo) Alex and CC (Grade 8, good combination of voices, we have to work on the explanation) If your name is raining by Elisa in the notes. The first heat won the Kukka-Todo, and at the risk of the final ballot, Michelle Don Quixote III Ato (Grade 8), the LDA novel that turned a blind eye to the summer hits, compliments (Grade 9) presented by Luigi who edited the unpublished Tianemi 8 ( 3 judges confirm that LDA can be excluded … But the web has raised a controversy against the genius: Amic 21 is accused of giving the 19-year-old a small space. Older, Spotify stream records in Italy, and for TV Dynamics to support the couple, Serena and Albe and other talents like CC and Dario.

The second heat See Amici 21’s Cucca-Todo Challenge Cele-Zerbi and First Challenge Rank Alex With screams and I can’t hear Alessandra Amoroso (grade 7, crystal voice, but the interpretation needs to be improved) Luigi With Bella senz’anima by Riccardo Cocciante (grade 7 and a half, a good cover overall). The second challenge ranks Serena and Nunjio Against a modern Casa Vianello and Senza fine (grade 8, good alchemy) Michelle In the power of one thousand men (grade 8, clean performance). The third challenge is the single installation Serena Against what I don’t say (Grade 8, correct explanation) Alex Single without permission (Vote 8:30, an unprecedented procession awaits). The second heat marks the victory of the Cell-Zarbi and they are at risk of a run-off Alex, Serena and Nunzio And the judges confirmed that Nunjio was removable.

Final ballot between LDA, Nunzio and Dario, final with a twist in Amici 21

The third heat, After Professor Glove who ranks professors Cucca-Todo vs. Professor Sele-Zarbi sees Sele-Zarbi challenging the team led by Anna Petinelli and Veronica Peparini. The first challenge is to deploy a glove Michelle (8th grade, great strategy) against Dario (Grade 8, for style and interpretation) Solo dance to the tune of your song by Elton John. The second challenge of the Amici 21 rank Michelle Soda pops in (vote 7 and a half). Albe and Dari In cats and foxes (grade 7). The place of the third challenge Luigi With solo songs with guitar you can leave your hat in the debate Dario Solo dance at Piazza Grande. The third hit was won by Jerby-Sale, who risked Albe with Milevosi (Grade 8, Pretty New, Femi Certified Gold Certified) and Dario dancer Sam Nigts de Fan (Grade 7), and the judges defended the latter. Dario then ends the ballot with LDA and Nunzio.

In the final ballot for elimination On the sixth evening of AMC21, Nunjio serves Jolie Coquin (Grade 8), the LDA makes an unprecedented excuse (9:30 grade, the emotion is clear and fans in the studio offer her posters, shouts and applause). Nunjio Bella Xiao (Grade 8) is dancing in the second lap, LDA is singing the cover of Caruso who is shaking her (Grade 8) and Dario La La Land (Grade 7) is dancing another day in the sun. The jury rescues Dario. And the final ballot in the third round has LDA cover but the sky is always blue (Vote 7, Rudy Jarbi’s assignment has been challenged by 19-year-old Fandom because it is not considered suitable for vocal enhancement) La Copa de Mi Vida (Grade 9, Nunzio transforms himself into Ricky Martin in Latin Korea to the tune of Nunzio (a stage creature). Amici 21’s jury dropped the LDA, and the ruling adds to the controversy. Winning the Luigi Orio Challenge, the team prize goes to CC, and the 7,000-euro Marlu prize goes to tenth place, excluded from the AMC21, LDA.

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