Dario Argento’s exhibition in Turin

The first major exhibition dedicated to the visionary talent of Dario Argento, who received the Stella della Mol Award for this event. “Black Glasses” is a well-organized excursion in its production from beginning to end

He draws from his dark half, from obsession, from his childhood experiences. From phobias to corridors, stairs and windows, large windows and secluded squares. His interest is not in the news episode of the crime but in the conversion of souls and their ability to interact with them, open to conversation with the “dark space”. First journalist, film critic and screenwriter, then director. In 1970 Dario Argento (Rome, 1940) Birds with crystal feathers And he never imagined that the film, which was so coldly received by critics and made a disappointing debut at the box office, would revolutionize the history of Italian cinema. Director Agatha Christie flips the yellow cannons in the veins, where detectives discover the killer after a long logical process and, using the advice of Hitchcock and Mario Bauer, introduce new dimensions created with atmospheres like mystery, suspense, psychological introspection and dreams. Italian Yellow acquires a new meaning for complex plot, photography and attention to detail. AllThe aesthetics of violenceAnd staging crime with special effects, but above all it enriches itself with the ability to offer viewers possibilities. Introduction to the killerIn which he dissociates the underlying mentality.

Dario Argento. Exhibition. Exhibition scene at the National Cinema Museum, Turin 2022

Dario Argento’s exhibition in Turin

The Turin Cinema Museum dedicates the first major previous events to the adventure-seeking talent and work. A huge bloody knife stuck to the ground, piercing metaphors of metaphorically combined imagination, reveals more than a hundred frames – space, objects and weapons, divided into crime, murder, color and art – seamlessly attached to form a long wall. .
The Chronological path Beyond all his annoying and hallucinating filmography, he has turned himself along Mall Antonelina’s ramp through posters, film sequences, unpublished photographs, quotes, costumes, props, mechanical animals, and soundtracks.
Per Birds with crystal feathers They follow Nine-tailed cats And Four gray velvet fliesWhich closes Animal trilogy. Its turn in 1975 Dark red, Transitional work between thriller and horror set in a dark Turin that determines its international fame and arises from a dream. In fact, it is known that at the beginning of Argento’s film there is a dream which the director directs by referring to Freudian theory and recounting in detail in a far-sighted and disarming way, establishing a strong dialogue with visual art. As shown, at this juncture, the Piazza CLN on display is a remake of Hopperiana Memory’s Blue Barty Clever, which we find in a photo held by Clara Calamie’s hand, and the famous head of Carlo Rambaldi’s annoying mechanical doll that is moving. On the goblins legendary soundtrack note, the director’s second choice, focusing on Pink Floyd while involved with the album. The wallReleased in 1979. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes Hell and Medal for reproduction Four gray velvet flies. Some stage clothes and chandeliers by a model Opera Made by Sergio Stevelati as well as made for demonic creatures Third mother.
The device kills rats and contains many quadrupeds used in it Opera Phantom In addition to sketches and Armani suits Phenomena And goat monster de ChurchProduced and written by Dario Argento, directed by Michelle Sowie.
The show concludes with a personal collection of Puppy Oggiano’s foreign posters and a series of soundtrack vintage albums, CDs and cassettes, which are bound to extend the wait and add more excitement and suspense to the plots, and more. And more powerful. In fact, in addition to the goblins, led by Claudio Simonetti, Argento Enio used Marikon, Giorgio Gaslini, Keith Emerson, Pino Donagio, and some heavy metal bands, such as Iron Maiden and Motorhead.

Dario Argento’s movie

Dario Argento suffers Cruel criticism And relentless which has also poured into his personal life. The excesses of violence and barbarism have reached extremes Susperia And Hell The provocation is comparable to the exit that only produced a nation of genocide Opera, Trivialized by censorship and shortened to 20 minutes, caused a severe depression in the director which drove him away from Italy for a long time. The clear and successful tribute to Turin therefore represents an appropriate work, which is expected to be the first in a series of initiatives dedicated to the undisputed. The dreamy genius of Italian cinema.
At the press conference, the director announced: “A film I made in 1993, ‘Trauma’, when the credit roll, the lens changes, continues to be a possible start to other events. This is the reasonAnd I want to believe that my films can win a huge place in the memory of my viewers, even after watching them become one with their lives. I believe that this exhibition can make my aspirations more achievable, brighter and concrete.

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An art event is underway in Turin

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