De Laurentis has 50 million reasons not to win the title

Aurelio de LorentisPatron of the Blue Club, he never showed up “Ready“To discuss the Scudetto issue, with the Azure people and the media, in some cases, even, Shorten Importance with respect to a qualification Champions.

It could be the owner, taking a hint from the title of a well-known successful film, “… 50 million reasons”, Which prompts producer Romano to immediately cancel his possible wish to win the final title. But why it always comes close, but can never be touched or taken., It is not possible to know!

At the moment, don’t expect reprehensible words, Naples It should Seriously Think of a purchase, in the next market session, to give a jump in quality that you didn’t really want, St. Thomas, That If he didn’t touch it with his hand .. he wouldn’t believe it.

Seriously, I’m really sorry that a championship is at hand, where so many Match points For the game, they were thrown into the air, but of course Kovid, as well as the lack of Azzurri attitude at high altitudes, technical-strategic flaws, but in my opinion, and above all the organizational and mental lack of company. Want to build in “SquadOr is that revenue the real problem? Let’s see them

How much do Scudetto winners earn?

The average, Scudetto’s winning collection, is an example Inter Championship 2020/21, 33.4 millionI (23.4 Rights in Serie A. + 10 Market Pool UEFA), 15 million To participate In the Champions Group stage (Then there is the qualifying bonus from Round of 16 which varies until the final), plus Italian Super Cup Related 3.4 million. This figure should add approximate revenue from various sponsors, but it is currently impossible to calculate. Basically the money that comes and how.

Instead the only champions qualify …

Many sought-after qualifications ChampionsThat is to enter First four, Immediately brought to the corporate treasury 15 million eurosIn addition to conducting tenders, and thus distributing capital: Each will win 2.7 million, 900,000 euros for the draw. The scoring point allows you to get a beautiful nest egg, qualification is very important. And of course these are the statistics that can give you a chance to create a market and therefore plan for the next season without forgetting the television revenue and various sponsors.

So why not just focus on the Champions League title?

There is a saying The important thing is to participate, not to win.mpio can also be realistic if we talk ChampionsGiven “The monster“Economic companies that participate, even if ‘example PSG It’s the negative feeling of the system, and this year too Bayern Monaco Everyone sees them as potential winners, but in the end they are almost always the same ones who find the ultimate and potential winner.

Now it is clear that this is an unequal competition for many, and Napoli One of them, definitely beat Liverpool, The Dortmund, Man City, And what not, it’s gorgeous. But for the growth of the team and the club, wouldn’t it be more effective to get together at home first? Does the word win mean something to help you win?

But if I stop, and tell the story, thank the player Stronger than ever, Diego Armando Maradona, We won Two ScUdetti and a UEFA Cup, an Italian Super CupPerna, and an Italian cup. I look at the new, 3 from the ashes of failure Cup Italy And one Italian Super CupI understand that famous “Landmark This stops StadiumWith race PerfectAnd goals Cauliflower. The best Swan song “

Then there will be no time to go “Peek and talk“What happens in someone else’s home, but to grow up and really try to win us over, obviously, is the most Complete clarityBecause of Napoli those who just want to participate but can’t win!

Victory is synonymous with strength and courage, and it seems that this club lacks this profile, but I remember, and it is not a detail, that next year the bow will be even richer. And given that we’re talking about downsizing, then, when talking to Lubrano, the question automatically arises: there is no Champions League, so there is no money and no players, so the champions are made, the best is sold, and a new cycle begins. . , To win the champions …

Chasing its tail like a cat? Who knows! The confirmation is that in the middle of this Serie A, he did not take advantage of the gift of fortune, but only the fans were interested in the final result, probably like the popular shareholding they had to give the Scudeto award. The company is hiding. “Either way, the train may be lost, or we’re still running, sure the party, so nurtured, seems to have to push back this year.”

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