Do research at night to find Oliver’s dog

He left the yard last night. Fear of the blind half-breed. Firefighters from Portofario also intervened

RIO – Little Oliver, a blind and an elderly half-breed dog (12 years old) who had left his home garden in the Ortano countryside of Rio de Janeiro last afternoon to find a night and a morning.

Owners Lucia and Ricardo were terrified of not finding it in the garden anymore and feared that the little dog, which weighed only 6 kilograms, was in danger and had ended up in the middle of a hill or bush. The friends that they have. Helps you find it in the vicinity.

At that moment, not finding him, they also alerted the firefighters of Portoferio Detachment who arrived at the scene and who were searching for the little dog under the water till 3 am.

As Mrs. Lucia explained to Quinnews Elba: “I did not want to contact the firefighters because I understood that they would have to intervene more importantly. And 4 angels came to help us even though the dog was found this morning. ”

“I want to thank the firefighters who are very kind and very helpful and all the friends who helped us with the search: Gabriella who found Oliver this morning but Massimo, Paolo, Sauro, Monica, Giulia, Sara, Sauro and Bettio.”

After a night of unsuccessful searches, Oliver’s searches resumed this morning, and it was helpful to report to a group of children on a school trip who were at the Kanapai campsite who reported seeing the dog.

So the search for volunteers concentrated in the area and the little Oliver was found hiding under a tent. Probably out of fear he took refuge there and then could not find his way home.

A story with a happy ending then, despite not having a good bode on campus.

A story that ended positively because, as Oliver’s owner told us, little Mestizo was saved by a volunteer who always chained him, and in 2015 he was saved by his current mistress who received it through an application on Facebook. . And tried to cure his vision through an operation which, unfortunately, did not go well.

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