Dogs calm down?

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“My dog ​​is Very lively, But they told me she was calm, growing up!. How many times have we heard such a statement? What is the truth?

Let’s start by saying that each person is independent: its character Every dog ​​is unique And it depends on a large number of factors, above all genetic factors that give the subject a specific tendency and on environmental factors, such as both the puppy’s experience and life context and the elements associated with it. Face to face. That is, he meets his family and people and dogs.

The combination of all these things shapes a person’s personality that will remain plastic for a long time and can be affected, let’s say at least throughout childhood and adolescence and until then he will form. His character: A kind of lens through which he will respond to the world and direct himself towards the world. So over-generalization is always a risk but, here, as usual, we won’t be able to do anything else, so the reader has to make some sort of adaptation to his context and his dog.

A natural fermentation

From young individuals belonging to the animal species Complex cognitive facultyJust like dogs, in the first months of life they have a strong drive to discover the world, to register as soon as possible in favor of the necessary adaptations in their own context. This “natural fermentation” that points to all of them, usually with emphasis, is supported by the peak of tension and Stimulation The young person’s interests are the source of positive emotions, such as joy and curiosity, or negative things such as fear and disbelief.

Through that experience of young people they will build a kind Knowledge Catalog It is essential to be able to move on the earth, and it requires a lot of energy. So it will be easy to see the change in the peak of excitement and the real fall. Young people, or very young people, who have not yet developed well-organized self-control, rarely move in a gray area between two extremes: either they are going crazy or they are sleeping.

Sleep is also effective for gaining experience and cognitive processing, and not just for dogs, where there is a lot to discover, and therefore a lot to “sleep”. Naturally, what happens during these less-than-awake awakening peaks is recorded and confiscated as the basis for the future character formation of the individual. Sometimes negative experiences, or even traumas, do not immediately manifest themselves, but are mature and visible. After puberty Dogs, which by generalization we can identify with a period of one and a half years, reaching the age of about two years.

Acquisition of self-control

The person needs a certain maturity to understand their own characteristics and how to correct them in relation to the context and “here and now” and this involves everything mentioned earlier and its specific development. A hormonal perspective. Therefore, in order for a person to develop the ability to manage himself and to recognize appropriate behavior for retention, he needs a dose of good experience (which by nature alone and will not be exclusively positive), balanced support of his social context. And a good maturity. Hormone levels.

This is not the place to delve into this last aspect, but what we can say is that the effects of hormones during adolescence, especially sexual matters, can make the matter possible. More restless At that crucial stage of development. Maybe we also remember our sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years. Everything was black or white, we were extra excited for the little things, just as we fell into despair for the small adversity that, as seen in youth, seemed to be of very low value but which was the important thing at that time. Gradually, by gaining experience, re-evaluating the things we encounter by changing them to the right weight, we are able to live with it. Greater reflexivity New experiences, we become more aware of our actions and our mental state. As mentioned it takes the right amount of time.

Hypertrophic drive

But now we must deal with the genetics of the dog, that is, with the artificial selective pressure exerted by man. Completely jutetechnic Which has changed some parameters of dog feeding, depending on the type or breed, endocrine “perversion” is considered useful depending on the intended use.

We do not go into too much detail, but what is clear is that the work on the imbalance of motivational emotions, such as the occupation, created in general according to race, has a great impact on the state. “Cool” One thing, as well as many more. Thus, for some generalization, a guardian shepherd (e.g. Meremma Shepdog) tends to be more calm and thoughtful, more restless and responsive than a conductor shepherd (e.g. a Belgian Shepherd dog). And it would be true no matter what age you were.

Let’s not talk about the different reductions of the varieties they produce today “Show the dog”, Such as the bloodline of a particular lineage that generally conforms to both phenotypes (physical appearance) and shows more tolerant and manageable behavior. For example, allowing a public judge to inspect and manipulate them, as well as making dogs more willing to be in the context of a particular event, which is surrounded by hundreds of people and other dogs.

Or called bloodline “To work” Where physical performance is emphasized, the need for responsiveness and engagement is pushed to the limit, to the point of insanity. These bloodlines sometimes differ from the bloodlines of the same species but in many ways. “Beauty” (See only Expo German Shepherd and Working One, named Grizion).

All this to say is that if we consciously decide to take a certain breed of dog with us instead of another breed of dog, then we have also chosen. Profile of a character With specific features and so we should not be surprised when it reflects the general premise. Even more so if we fall into the “work” bloodline. Of course these people will catch up too “Peace of mind” But much later with age, especially when the body no longer holds their emotions.

The instability of a thousand colors

That said, a dog can be more or less restless for a variety of reasons, regardless of age. In addition to the general character of the person, a subject may be a victim of a pathological condition that alters their normal balance or may be a victim of it. Constant stress On behalf of his group or his environment, such as building an “adaptation” within him that makes him particularly excited.

But let’s not just think of the extra stimuli or constant threats that a dog must face that can push its responsiveness to the highest level. We think, above all, about the errors, Dissatisfaction, Unmet demand. Even in such a situation, a dog may react with endless restlessness, which diminishes its normal ability to develop self-control even after puberty.

Of course, childhood and adolescence are crucial periods for the development of a balanced personality, a development that will be less difficult depending on genetic predisposition, as we have said. We think of the stages when the orchestra tunes the instruments before a concert, when everything between the different orchestras seems incoherent, confused and uncoordinated. What will everyone play next, Whether it will be harmonious or notTherefore, depending on these multiple factors, their combination and their proper development is consistent with the score that is in front of everyone’s eyes.

At this point we can imagine what score each type of dog is given at birth and what music they will play for a lifetime. This could be the case for Labradors, for example “Spring” By Vivaldi, when the Belgians become Malinos “Bumblebee’s Flight” By Korsakov.

Peace of mind

There is no doubt that, in order to answer the initial question, a greater calm is created with age Relative, If only for the fact that the physicist is no longer able to indulge the emotions of the individual. And this fact inevitably forces our dog to be more reflective. But there are things that are particularly responsive and resilient that you will never get “Peace”Especially if one is specifically supported by “pushed” genetics.

At this point Awareness One of our priority choices. The instability of a dog, when it is not the result of some kind of inactivity, becomes a problem depending on our expectations and our life context. Adjusting ourselves to what kind of life we ​​live or what our dog mate is willing to lead for the good and his or her satisfaction will radically change our perception. A dog, regardless of his temperament and character, will either have an advantage or a problem Depending on the context And our nature. Again, the need to gain experience before adopting a dog, to gather information, to choose wisely and not just on the wave of passion or current fashion.

Spending his whole life waiting for a dog, perhaps the last year of his journey on earth, means calming down Failing to understand and appreciate each other What are you really for. It will be a difficult life for both of us, we and our partners, waiting for something to change কিছু something that can never happen. And sadly we realize that waiting Irrational It has lost sight of all the beauty of our relationship, and even though it is complex and difficult, we are still alive.

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