Faenza Basket Project 91 – 59 Cattolica (28/13, 17/17, 24/21, 22/8)


Promotion – Another gem: 3rd place in the league after losing to Catholica !!

Faenza Basket Project 91 – 59 Cattolica (28/13, 17/17, 24/21, 22/8)

No need to talk. In fact, more than “no words are needed” we would say that there are no more words to describe this team, the players-workers of this family are having fun, growing up, suffering, working. The four elements that often lead to victory and always lead to results. Because even from defeat they became strong, they sweated and plundered, learned from mistakes so that they would not be repeated. Perhaps a coach can’t ask for more from their boys, just as a team can’t ask for more from their coach, never sits down, almost on the field, to point the way like a sailor who knows the sea. A few lines to explain a championship that started with the most beautiful challenge, the inclusion of the first 4 under our youth sector, aimed at mathematical salvation at a respectable time; But in a short time these urchins have taken away the amazement of the elders, and with the exception of some races where the challenge was equally young but much more experienced, they have always spoken of athleticism and aspiration in both defense and attack. With important things. Mandatory mention for Angiliyanu, Bulzakka, Terdolheb and Melandri. Well done.

Senior group … a show. And never before has everything been as important as this year, because everyone gave them everything at every moment on the pitch. And so bad play is not worth it, because it is immediately canceled by a top performance.

As usual, two formulas try it, and so it happens that we get third place in a quality championship consisting of many beautiful teams, only two points from the second and 6 from the top. Not really bad.

But the statistics give us two more pearls: the third perfect defense and the best attack in the league, thanks to the contribution of 4 players almost always in double figures who looted about 1150 points).

And the laughter that this delightful math offers us, we briefly come to yesterday’s match: Santini and Angelianur Fayenza rediscover the orphaned fabric; A couple of absences for Cattolica compared to the first leg. Ready to go, Faenza has: a very high percentage, the result of a good preparation of the shot, the shirt off in defense, and in 10 minutes we have 15 plus, everything cleared. All the boys have scored, there is the right desire to work and Vespignani likes it. Rotation is done quickly, and lead is maintained. Plenty of games are played all over the pitch, and every time the guests try to correct by increasing the intensity, the black and white response comes on time, often handed over to Boerro and Troni who are deadly again from a distance. Faenza firm, some have no luck in their conclusion but they do not give up and fight for others. Thus the two central quarter points are in equal measure, but somewhat like cats and rats that play before eating.

In the last 10 minutes we snatched every comfortable shot, every logical idea from the opponent and depending on the complex decision they do not hit more than 4 hits. For Faenza we start with a counter attack by Bulzacca who plays the charge with 2 + 1; Quick actions start with a good defense and even sometimes lead to a loss of extra bet percentage, there are still 22 points which sets the final advantage at + 32 above a team at the top of the standings.

Another Coral Vote 10, therefore, also for the way we secured third place in the standings from the possible return of Merciano. And now the play-off, which will be held at the best of the two races, where it is allowed to end with the result of a draw, is only a possible extra in Race 2 in case of a double draw or the result of the race. Cancels 2 race advantage 1. The first home match of the worst finishers, so we will play out. Indicative competition days: May 8 and 11. The opponent will be Tatanka Balonesto Emola.


Faenza: Castellari 6, Troni 29, Santo 10, Boero (K) 25, Dal Monte, Melandri 2, Fabbri 6, Tverdolheb 8, Bulzacca 5. All. Vespignani

Cattolica: Adanti L. ne, Crugnale 1, Cavazzini N. 7, Perazzini 2, Cavoli (K) 14, Del Prete 2, Ghinelli 7, Bergna 3, Bacoli 23. All. Cotignoli

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