Features and most famous varieties

The Hunter They are characterized by a hunting dog which has an exceptional nose and a tough physique suitable for running even on uneven ground. These two factors provide excellent work companions for their hunters, who have been using them for centuries, especially in the so-called hunting of wild boar, rabbit, deer and fallow deer.

According to ENCI classification There is more to it than that 70 races Divided into 3 sections (Track dogs of track dogs, bloodhounds and blood and related breeds) Selected in many countries on the basis of climate demand and the prey which is their destiny.

Their main job is Identify and chase the wild, And the word hound comes from this introduction. These agile dogs are particularly confident in the natural environment and often work in packs or pairs.

Selection by human hands has been so favorable Especially social personalities To their own kind: Arguments are useless during rigorous and excited group work, and indeed, it is very rare for these dogs to present themselves in a conflicting way.

It’s a brief “classic” description of what this kind of dog is made of, but today we can no longer let go of the words that play a role in explaining to people how important it is to know hounds as a support, not just for their heritage. For hunting activities, however, list exactly how many of them have been abandoned because they are considered “incompetent” at work or shut down for long periods of time without a dignified life. If you are passionate about dog hunting, it is good to know that instead of buying them, there are many people who live in canals across Italy, and there are many rescue, or association and volunteer teams working with dog breeds for specific breeds. , Which is hosting them and looking for adoption for them. Before choosing who to spend your life with – and this applies to any dog ​​- as always, we invite you to introduce yourself and think about giving a hunter a chance to find a suitable life for the right family. Name.

Hound features

A predatory hunter is waiting for his human mate
In the picture: A predatory hunter is waiting for his human mate

They are decorated dogs Muscular body And can withstand prolonged exposure. Sometimes they are asked to defend themselves from prey that is much larger than them, but they are much more Brave and stubborn To give the impression of not feeling pain.

They often have Long ears Because, by keeping their noses on the ground, they manage to create a kind of air cone that stretches them even further. Very strong sense of smell. There are almost all varieties Short hairAlthough they are more heterogeneous in terms of size.

Their interests are strongly associated with the work for which they were selected, so they retain the classic motivation for dog hunting, e.g. kinesthetic, hunter, patrol, search and research. If they do not have enough space to meet these needs, the predator often pulls in a notch.

Nor can it be underestimated that the hunters of the past chose people capable of signaling the presence of their prey from afar. This means that some breeds, in particular, are particularly skilledUse bark for communication With their fellow men and with men.

These are usually dogs Very social Those who face the world with a positive mental attitude. Yet some of this species in particular Sensitive to words and easily afraidHowever, this is often due to living conditions where predators are forced to spend most of their time.

Especially in the more rural areas of our continent, they are often considered alone As work tools And then they spend their lives inside the cage, waiting to be released into the wild to chase their prey. Many do not have a microchip. This means that when they get lost in forests and valleys they are left to roam the area and often, no one will claim them. Some of these species are therefore numerous in the canals of our country, especially in the regions of central Italy such as Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lazio.

Taking shelter in your area and adopting one of these dogs is an important and demanding choice that nevertheless gives great emotion. They are actually highly authorized dogs, which They happily seek intimacy with people. They appreciate the care of calm and delicate people, especially when the sound of gunfire can be heard from afar and memories rekindle in their minds.

Not all breeds are subject to this treatment, and indeed, it must be remembered that in this important class of hounds, there are some dogs that are considered particularly elegant, such as the Dalmatian or Rhodesian reedback, which are increasingly adopted by families. Appreciate its appearance, perhaps underestimating its predatory skills: the dog is able to concentrate on the full odor without hearing our call from a distance.

To live with a predatory prey, in fact, you need to spend a lot of time with him outside the cities, build a relationship based on trust, and acknowledge that he may be far away from us. However, after a long outing, these dogs seem to have resurfaced and are ready to go back to their human side on the sofa to get the right amount of hugs and food.

The main breed of hound

The list of hounds is very long and especially in Central Europe, there are dozens of endemic breeds that have not yet been recognized by the FCI. In general it can be said that each of them has been selected for a specific job and their personalities still show it today, although they are often far away from the hunting environment.

Italian Hound

Italian Hound
In the picture: Italian Hound

The Italian Hound is the most famous hunting dog in our country. Undoubtedly they have a very ancient origin and probably, even if in a slightly different form, already existed in ancient Egypt. Dogs similar to the Italian Hound are depicted in a statue dedicated to the hunting goddess Diana (on display at the Naples Museum) and a 1600 painting in the castle of Borso D’Est, where it already has the same dog size we know today.

Dogs of this breed can be smooth or strong and can be green or black and tan in color. They tend to be reserved and almost shy, sometimes particularly sensitive to loud noises and easily frightened. They are dogs with a sweet and delicate attitude towards their man and they can be affectionate and friendly at leisure.

Cut: Average

Hair: Brief

Basset Hound

Three basset hounds
In the picture: Three basset hounds

With a distinctly distinctive appearance, Bassett Hound is often adopted for this reason. Behind the funny shape of his body, however, lies the soul of an undoubted hunter. It certainly doesn’t have long legs like a bra, but that doesn’t stop you from being able to follow the tracks with extreme skill and perseverance. This is a very authoritative dog who likes to walk in nature for a long time and explore every blade of grass. He often works in packs and this feature makes him a companion dog, able to avoid collisions with his peers.

Cut: Average

Hair: Brief


The Beagle is one of the most popular dogs in the Hound class. Of English descent, it is a medium sized variety. With an extremely tough build and an indomitable nose, he is a fun and energetic dog. Unfortunately, he too, like other dogs with similar traits, is often taken as a companion dog, although his needs and desires are underestimated. In fact, a beagle is a dog that feels the need to move a lot and only after a whole afternoon in the meadow will it be ready to lie down and wait for a bowl full of food.

If these desires are not satisfied, he is easily discouraged and loses his normal spirits and vitality. Beagles are very accommodating, and if they are often left to fend for themselves, they can begin to call their people with their most powerful weapon – the bark. This dog’s cry is specially chosen so that it can be heard from a distance and it is like the bark of a scream.

Cut: Average

Hair: Brief

Transylvanian Hound

Transylvanian Hound
In the picture: Transylvanian Hound

It is a Hungarian breed with very ancient origins. Its development was influenced by the harsh climatic conditions of the Balkans, the nature of the terrain and the hunting methods. He has a courage, endurance and stubbornness that leads him to hunt bears, wild boars and deer until he loses the ability to stand on his own two feet. It belongs to the numerous groups of the Eastern Hound and, in fact, in appearance, it bears a resemblance to the Yugoslav cousins, but has a somewhat longer and thinner body.

He shares the talent of barking with the Beagle, but his voice is low and his barking is continuous. It is very rare in Italy, but instead it is easy to see in the countryside of the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, where a similar hound with a lighter coat known as Hellenic is also widespread.

Cut: Average

Hair: Medium to small

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback
In the picture: Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is actually a versatile dog. Rhodesia is an African region that includes the territories of the present-day states of Malawi and Zambia. This great African hound, in fact, specializes in lion hunting and it is thanks to his indomitable courage that he was able to keep the king of the forest in a strong place until the hunters came. The breed is characterized by a crest on the back, which is formed by fur growing on the opposite side of the rest of the coat.

Nowadays it is accepted mainly because of its appearance, but it remains as a very strong, agile, fast and stubborn dog. Compared to other breeds in this class, the Rezbeck is also more confident in its relationship with other dogs and does not have the characteristic social motivation of predatory predators.

Cut: Great

Hair: Short with a crest against the hair

Ways to take care of the hound

Predators are generally in excellent health, but their ears are long, Ear infections are more likely to occurSo ask your veterinarian what is the best way to prevent these infections.

Hound dogs that we have seen have a strong resistance to pain and fatigue. For this reason it is important to check regularly that they are not Joint problems. Beagles, in particular, are subject to a disorder called LMS or “Chinese Beagle Syndrome”, an inherited pathology of bone formation that can also lead to heart disease.

Also keep in mind that in order to spend a lot of time outdoors, on long grasses and in the environment of wild animals, it is essential to equip them with pesticides capable of keeping ticks and flies away.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the amount of food given to the dog. After a long journey, he may become very hungry. Always adapt your diet to your physical activity.

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