From Florence to Milan, tomorrow’s champions go through here

The epidemic devastated everything in tennis as well as the lives of each of us, but it was the worst of the latter among the youngsters of ATP Circuit Professionals and Juniors ITF Panorama. Many international under-18 tournaments have been canceled for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, others held last season, only thanks to the patience and commitment of the managers who still had to face thousands of limitations and many organizational difficulties. So this 2022 is really the year to get back to normal, not only for the greats, but also for the boys who are trying to gain the experience of competing with the professionals one day.

The problem also worries Italy, one of the most active countries if we talk about the organization of events. Restricting themselves to the ground circuit in the spring, which is with tennis players Milan’s Bonfiglio Trophy, In all five events that make the champions proud of full honors. Characters who then take on the roles of Slams, Masters 1000, Number 1 Atp and WTA. The City of Florence, already ending last week, has started the series which continues with appointments in Salsomagiore (Monday, April 25), and again Prato (from May 3) and Santa Cross Sul’Arno (from May 9)., The latter is only a Grade 1 event (all others are Grade 2). Finally, from 16 to 22 May, highlighted Bonfiglio’s A grade, which already brought some of the world’s best talents back to the clay court in 2021 via Arimondi.

Under 18s in Italy: Parade of Stars – Gallery

Under-18, parade of stars in Italy


Last year, at the height of the summer, the event had to be postponed until mid-July to meet the need for a still-conditioned calendar due to restrictions imposed by the organizers of the Internazionale D’Italia Juniors due to covid. Peruvian Gonzalo Bueno and Filipina (Rafa Nadal Academy student) Alexandra Ila win, A version number 61 that partially distorted Eve’s prediction. It often happens, however, in youth tournaments, that the most expected seed does not reach the bottom.

But it also happens that the stars of the future win in the world scene. In that sense, it is possible Bonfiglio – a Grade A – like Grand Slam – has some rivals. And don’t go for less that your full potential Stefanos Sitsipas (2016) and Alexander Zaverev (2013). The two are now competing to see who comes first at the top of the world rankings. Among women, little change: we find Elena Rybakina (2017), Belinda Bensik (2013), Sloane Stephens (2009) and Simona Halep (2008). All of this, without counting those who crossed through Milan, lost first. Including a certain Roger Federer.


As for Roger, we come to Florence, the tournament that the Swiss won in 1998 by defeating Filippo Volandri in the final. Davis is the current captain of the Italian national team. Tuscan led the way to the tournament and finished with an all-Italian double final last Sunday. In the men’s tournament, Lorenzo Ferry wins against Federico Bondioli. Among the girls, Federica Urgesi for the last job recall, heading to Giorgia Pedone. The four blues may start to dream, seeing the honor roll of the Tuscan event. Among the men, Post Federer saw Russian Karen Khachanov and our Lorenzo Musetti pass among others. In the case of women, it is worth mentioning Clara Tason (2018), Lyudmila Samsonova (2016), Sara Soribes Tormo (2013) or Simona Halep (2007). Born in 1976, the tournament lasted two years due to the epidemic, but returned this year with a beautiful version.


Recruitment of Salsomagior began on Monday, with the success of Daniel Minigini and Turkish Melissa Ercan, another great classic suspended in 2020 before being re-launched last year (end of August). This time we are back to the normal date, and all the great victories of the champions come to mind, who then came to the notice of the common people in the pro circuit. When we say ‘salso’, in tennis, we think of Andrea Gaudenzi (1990), Joachim Johansson (1999), or more recently Matteo Beretini (2014). Among the women, in the role of honor we find the names Dinara Safina and Vika Azarenka, both of whom then rose to No. 1 in the WTA rankings.


The international tournament in Prato began its adventure in the eighties and was initially a tri-color victory, with Omar Camporas doubling his success in 1984 and 1986. There were three golden years between 1995 and 1997, with victories in the quick succession of Tommy Haas, Ivan Lubisic and Roger Federer. It was Andy Murray’s turn in 2003, when the Russians won one of the most prestigious finals in 2013, between Daniel Medvedev and Alexander Zaverev. Among women, Yulia Putinsaver’s brace stood between 2009 and 2010, when Roberta Vinci lifted the trophy in 1999, Two more future heroes of the tour, Russian Vera Zvonareva and Dinara Safina. In Prato it did not play in 2020 and 2021, so it will be re-launched regularly this year after the epidemic.

Holy cross

There are also Santa Cross Sul’Arno appointments in Bonfiglio to complete the tournament’s poker, as well as in Tuscany. It is also closed for two seasons. Among men, the most exciting memories of recent years are associated with the victory of Dominic Theme (2010), but if we go back to 1992, there is a certain Kafelnikov who represents another great past from Italy in his training session. Among women, there have been consecutive champions since the 2000s: Dulko, Kirilenko, Pavliuchenkova, Konta, Putinseva, Bensik, Kasatkina.

To put them together, these five tournaments form a good part of Italian and international tennis history. This is why we must continue to follow them from the first round. Sharpen our eyes to find those who will compete for the Grand Slam in a few years.

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