Molfeta presents a plaque to Rufus, the free dog that greets passengers at the station

In the picture: Rufus, Molphata free dog

The whole city Molpheta Wanted to pay tribute Rufus, Free dog Became a symbol for the whole community and a permanent presence at the railway station, a place he chose as his home and from where he observed and welcomed travelers.

The municipal administration, in conjunction with Lega del Can Malfetta, organized a ceremony to mark the inauguration. A blade Strongly desired by the mayor and Molfetta people. The plaque was placed just in front of the station, with a canal at its entrance with the word “Casa Rufus”.

Rufus, a beloved and respected dog who lived the life he wanted: freeA photo of the dog is the dedication printed below.

The story of Rufus, the free dog living at the station

Rufus is Died in May 2021, Now elderly, needed due to deteriorating health conditions after being admitted to a veterinary clinic. Throughout his life he lived like a free dog, loved and cherished by the inhabitants of a city that always protected him, and he watched from a corner of the station, fascinated by the arrival and departure of passengers and tourists.

Molphetta citizens and local animal welfare volunteers have always followed and cared for her, and the announcement of her death came from “her” Facebook page, where hundreds of people followed her: “Now it’s my turn. Leave – wrote May 2021 Manage page per month – Get along well with other cats or dogs You met on the street, as you were with me.

“Unfortunately Rufus has left us – they have confirmed from Molphata NPA – Indescribable suffering for all. The lungs became severely uncompromising due to the long illness. He will be kept at the entrance of Paradise, waiting for someone to embrace him.

Doug League even made his poignant comment on Facebook: “And so you left. With your deep wisdom and dignity you were a molefeter dog, a model citizen from whom many probably should have taken an example.” You have taught us the value of freedom, Respect for life, courage to face storms and evil. There will be an infinite emptiness in that station, where you finally decided to survive. Of course we will still find you there, now you can be free from the fatigue of age in a green meadow and maybe you will still hear the sound of the train. Hello beautiful animals, we will miss you forever.

Molpheta Municipality: “The plaque pays homage to the inseparable relationship between a man and a dog.”

Rufus’ death affected the entire city of Molfeta, including hundreds of their citizens Signed a petition To put up a plaque in his memory, and the administration of Mayor Thomaso Minervini voluntarily decided to satisfy the request: Not to mention that they are animals of different colors, have different ways of expressing themselves and moving, have different shapes, yet with a dog, as is the case with other pets, it is possible to communicate without words. “

“A dog does not lie. He does not know how to do it. By instinct he only knows how to give himself to others. And it should come as no surprise that stomach therapies are becoming increasingly popular, also in support of traditional therapies. Whether it’s pharmacological, contact with children, young people, the elderly, the disabled, animals is good for everyone – the administration has continued – that’s why placing a plaque in Rufus’ memory would, somehow, be Thanks to all four That day and the hearts of their companions are full. And it is significant that the entire city was evacuated as Rufus crossed the rainbow. And it is significant that many citizens have sent out a petition asking them to place a plaque in the dog’s memory in the future.

Less than a year after Rufus’ death, the Molpheta people, along with their animals, and Mayor Minervini, volunteers from the association, met in front of the station fountain to discover the plaque: “It was A very moving event, Full of Rufus in your memory – Doug League comments – we are sure that from there you will help all your little brothers who are still suffering in this world. This is the plaque dedicated to you by all the citizens of Molfetar and our mayor.

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