Ukraine: Draghi, so far 2372 refugees have arrived – Europe

“First of all, I would like to thank the government and my staff who have spontaneously come together to support the Ukrainian population: voluntary associations, the third sector, local business administrators, independent citizens and families who are sending help and hospitality and support.” To the refugees with humanity “, said the Prime Minister on the issue of time in the chamber.

On March 8, 21095 Ukrainian citizens arrived, today 23872 people mainly from the Italian-Slovenian border, more than 90 percent women and children: Yesterday 10,500 women, today 12,000, men 2,000 yesterday, today 2200, children 8500 yesterday and today 9700. The flow is bound to increase, “said the Prime Minister.

“I would like to thank all the political forces and especially the opposition for the great display of unity and constructive spirit in this crisis. I am sure that Italy will always play its full role in the drama, in emergencies. In terror we feel better than we think , Added the Prime Minister.

“For those who want to work for Ukrainian refugees “We have predicted a first measure that would allow them to operate independently and seasonally, on the basis of their residence permit requests and in defiance of the flow decree’s quota,” he said.

Draghi said that in the context of health problems “Refugees either swab every 48 hours or agree to be vaccinated.”. “The Department of Civil Protection – he noted – provides for the recognition of beds and the transfer of patients. Health, social and psychological support, legal guidance and Italian language courses are provided to Ukrainians in the first reception centers. Also goal integration and professional training.”

“Of course – he added – we are paying close attention to the consequences of this crisis on the economy and financial situation of the Italian people, the rise in fuel prices and the rise and availability of raw materials. The government cannot stop these events. We can move forward as quickly and decisively as we have, and we will continue to protect the family’s purchasing power and business competitiveness and survival. “.

“The strength of a country and democracy is measured by its ability to uphold the values ​​of human dignity, peaceful coexistence and friendship among peoples.” This was stated by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, responding to a chamber of initiatives on solidarity and management of hospitality for Ukraine.

In the PNRR, “European law provides for amendments to the intentions of member states that may request change – he stressed – this is an exceptional event that requires a new negotiation process that is premature to imagine”.

“As far as nuclear energy is concerned, technological and economic efforts are focused on magnetic captive fusion, which is currently the only possible way to build a commercial reactor capable of delivering electricity in an economical and sustainable way. European Strategy for Fusion Energy The consortium expects to launch the first fusion reactor prototype in 2025-28.

“As far as nuclear energy is concerned – Draghi says, the technological and economic promise is centered on the fusion of magnetic constraints, which is currently the only possible way to build a commercial reactor capable of supplying electricity in an economical and sustainable way. The Fusion Energy strategy Uratum will raise more than িয়ন 500 million by 2025. The consortium predicts commissioning of an integration of the first reactor prototype in 2025-28.

“The commitment to grant must be like helping the family And business and, I say, the weakest support. Among other things, sanctions will not last for a short time and so to be permanent they must be sustainable, we have no desire to disobey the sanctions regime but we must do everything to make them internally sustainable.

“We are all committed to forcible intervention to protect purchasing power,” said Draghi, adding that the goal is to maintain a prudent budget policy that does not imply new significant fixed spending arrangements but now allows all necessary intervention to support the economy in emergencies. “I am also working in the EU to ask the commission to take action on the energy crisis,” a topic discussed on Monday with “President Ursula von der Leyen” and tomorrow at the informal EU Council.

“First of all, I would like to say that the interference in the land registry law – he said again – does not increase the tax on regular registered property, no one has to pay more tax and I must say that this government should not pay more tax. The credibility of the truth has been proved …. The reform works to eliminate abuse and irregularities, the map of the cadastre has been much since ’39, even during the Second World War ….. Was built on non-existent values, which makes no sense, 33 years ago values: this method of application should end with a certain coefficient on values ​​that has no meaning, we want clarity “.

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