In Mantua on April 25 with the support of Bella Xiao and Ukraine

Mantua. The wait was over Bella Xiao, A song that has become a hymn for the partisans who divide and unite the political and civic world at every celebration on April 25, and is back in the news this year with the veto of the mayor of Medellin in his municipality. , During the Independence Day celebrations. In Mantua, on the other hand, it was not allowed, as it does every year, the worthy conclusion of a public ceremony held in front of the Resistance Monument in Viale Piav’s Gardens, and all centered on parallelism. Period, between the Italian resistance against Nazi-fascism and the right of the Ukrainian people to defend their independence and the right to democracy from Russian aggression. Withdrawal both by a right Mantuan church and byUnp And from The mayor of the capital is Matia PalazziIn his commemorative speech.

“Bella Xiao – the mayor said just before the end of his speech – dedicated to those who fought for us and who helped us free ourselves from Nazi-fascism. And when the speaker played the first notes, the audience began to follow the rhythm with their hands clapping and finally melted into a warm applause. The president of the province, Carlo Botany And Italian MP Viva Matteo Colanino. It was occupied by one, until recently, byForza Italy honored Anna Lisa BaronWho am I, as soon as Bella played Siao’s first note, she got up and left. The political gesture of dissent was clear, and it was not long before the same blue deputy took part in the laurel wreath-laying ceremony at Famedio. Disagreements have already been noted by the absence of center-right city councilors at the Viale Piave ceremony, announced earlier in the day for failing to invite the administration and for the mayor’s decision to approve the execution of Bella Xiao.

One look at the Viale Piav gardens was on April 25th Many citizens (including some flags) Will), War and arms associations with their banners lined up with scouts Cngei. Armed pickets of IV missiles gave military honors, while authorities took their place in chairs in front of the altar. After the Italian music, Piav’s song with the presentation of two laurel wreaths by the civil authorities and the Lombardy region. Don Stefano PerettiDedicated by the bishop, celebrated.

In his honor, he recalled the value of April 25, “a date that, today, means a lot with the war on the border. In our home we welcomed many Ukrainians who were fleeing the attackers. April 25 reminds us that war begins when no one wants others to move towards democracy and freedom. Defense war cannot be confused with war of aggression, and defense cannot be confused with crime. The believer must always speak of peace, but it must be a peacemaker who, under certain conditions, needs to be by the side of the gospel with those who sacrifice their lives for the benefit of all. “

“Ukraine’s war destroys body and conscience,” Mayor Palazzi underlined. “There is a sovereign state that has been illegally invaded by Russia Petni. We call for peace and appeal to international organizations. But this is not enough, and the history we celebrate today is the path. Prevention was not a side effect. He quotes Kalamandrei (“Fascism as a system of government is a constitutional insult that insults the people”) and de Gasperi (“People to defend their homeland”) and then confirms that “I am angry at those who do not see them. The difference between what Matarella says and what she says is correct: she had a plea for an end to the conflict, not a surrender ». “We all want an unarmed world, but the road is long and goes through defending democratic freedoms. Partisans cannot be separated from current history. We protect those who are affected, peace is yes but not without the rights of the people.

Emanuel ColoraniThe president of the Jewish community in Mantua, recalling the contribution of the Jewish brigade to the Italian liberation struggle, said, “Nearly 2,000 Jews who fought as half-baked and half-patriotic were the heroes of the first progress of the Gothic line.” Many, including Franco Cesana, fell from Mantua, Italy’s youngest partisan, shot by the Germans in 1944. “And we should not forget the 99 Jewish exiles from Mantua, including the younger Louisa Levy: they did not see Italy as beautiful, free and ৷ a democracy that we are fortunate to have survived today কিন্তু but they have made significant contributions.”

Lecture by Nicholas Casagrande, A representative of the Mantuan Cinta community, called for the first time to participate in the formal celebration of independence: ্টি Cinti and Rome – he said – were victims of racial oppression during fascism. Most of the Mantuan families who took part in the liberation war after the ceasefire were held captive in the Prignano camp. The Del Bar family was founded by, for example, a group of fighters named Leoni de Breda Solini who worked between the Mantua and Cremona areas. And then many more who were shot by Nazi-fascists. He listed many names, including Giuseppe Cater, Rubino Bonora, Fioravanti Lucesi: “All – in Cassagrande – contributed to the liberation of Italy with their courage.”

There was concluding intervention Luigi Beneveli, President of Mantua Unp. It is up to you to give some figures that still shake you: 6 million were detained in Europe during World War II and deported to concentration camps, 140,000 Italians who died in Africa alone, 600,000 soldiers were held in concentration camps in Germany “because they By refusing to join the republic, the number of partisans in the civil war was 200,000, of whom 36,000 were killed, and 10,000 civilians were killed in retaliation. – Those who have attacked are defending themselves, but international organizations must unite so that diplomacy can take the place of weapons.

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