Live at 15 in Serie B, Frosinone-Monza: Vertical fall, 0-1 goal miss. It ended 4-1

The Cremensis, who surprisingly lost 3-1 to Croton, dropped to C. Lost near Lake Pisa. And with the dream of the first place, for Manzar, disappears in the 36th minute of the first half. Ciano with a draw reporting Manja is a dominant nation, Who could have previously stopped with the Sampirisi crossbar and especially with Surrey. After Ciano comes Jarbin’s overtaking. And After the break, things got worse, Stropa and for the boys: Barberis back pass, de Gregorio poorly positioned and scored with the ball. In the end, another misunderstanding between Pirola and De Gregorio: Suspending the goalkeeper, Canotto recovers and hits the net next to a distant post.

45’st + 5- triple whistle. In the match, but probably in the dream of the first place. Lecce crosses Pisa and looks up at Brianja, 4 steps up

45’st + 2- Five minutes of recovery is only used to measure the psychological abyss this afternoon. Manja lost badly after a great early episode in the first half. Frosinone conceded two goals in the final minutes of the first half, two gross errors to allow the account to close. And what could have been a peak has now become a mirage

45th – Goal del Frosinone – Another defensive tackle, with Pirola passing to Inguia de Gregorio in the back. It’s best to suspend the goalkeeper who ends up in Canotto, move the field backwards, and start a right-footed shot at a post far from the edge. De Gregorio doesn’t get there

44th – For the Stropper, outside the Molina and inside the Pirola

41st – Manja plays his last card with a crosspiece in the middle. Now Molina calls for a handball in the area of ​​the hosts, but the counter-attack continues the action and reaches the jumpo shot, which De Gregorio blocks with an open hand.

40’th-Frosinone changes again. Howdy instead of Jarbin

39’st-suria sinks to the right, returns to the left, and grabs Machin’s head at a distant post. One more gore, still big

36th – Novakovic takes place for Cicero. Grosso also changed

34th – Canotto turns his head, de Gregorio blocks a low grip on the right post. We change again: Donati comes out, inside Mancuso

32nd – Leche-Pisa 1-0, Croton-Cremonies 3-1. What’s happening in other areas, including Brescia and Benevento, could capitalize on this afternoon’s results here at 6 p.m.

30th – There is no change in speed in this final race. Another flash of Mota, Gutti closes in the corner. Machin and Pereira then headed off in the middle but failed in the corner

26th – Foul on Machin, free kick from Magitale, who didn’t go down properly

24’m – It only takes more than twenty minutes to straighten out and don’t throw the biggest opportunities of the season in the air. Now a cross from Mota, Frosinone also acknowledges the mess and corners in the back

21st – Trying magically, very high ball. Inside Tribuji for Ciano and Canoto for Garitano

19th – Three changes Manja. Outside of Barberis, inside of Magitale, Valoti comes out, inside of Gaitkazar. Then Pereira for D’Alesandro

16′-thick area machine, but the passage is large in size. Then again an error supported by Donati. Frosinone then starts again with Zampano, Sampirisi remedy

15th – Manja desperately tries to appear in the half of Frosinone, but the trauma seems to have not yet been absorbed.

11th – Really What Manja is wasting today is incredible: A beautiful and believable manja in the first half hour, which could get and deserve more consistent benefits. And then Fall in minutes At the end of the first half, now this gross misunderstanding. In Cosenza, the Crimons lost badly. Manja may have been the first, but it is gaining experience in her sports drama

7th – Ciano’s free kick, who takes the bottom of the pole. Manja is completely at the mercy of what is happening

6th – Yellow for Donati, who will miss Benevento in the next round

3’pt- Goal of Frosinone – Monzer’s incredible defensive mess, De Gregorio supports Barberis: misunderstanding between the two and the goalkeeper fails to prevent the ball from ending inside.

1st – We start again

The first half ends here. Monza, who dominated the first part of the race, took the lead and could even close it with Surrey, after Sampiricio grabbed a crossbar. Then Ciano and Jarbin first, in a matter of seconds, start the race again and reverse it. Trouble for Stropper, who feels like a Crimonese who lost 3-0 to Crotone in the first half. Manja is again in a very delicate situation from the virtual first.

Jampano for 45’pt-Garritano, rounds the ball into the far post and hits the outside post from inside the left Ricky area.

43’pt- Frosinone forward in the last minute of the first half. Now Ricky, de Gregorio is expecting less grip in the middle of Novakovich

40’pt- Goal of Frosinone – Donati’s unfortunate control, who led Jarbin to him alone in front of De Gregorio. Right away at the post and 2-1 Frosinone

37’m – and now it’s Ciano himself who is clearly pulling D’Alesandro. Also in this case it is a miss yellow

36’pt-gol del Frosinone – long phrase of Frosinone, with Ciano who then collects from 30 meters and starts on a left which goes to seven

Manzar’s protest against Gutti’s foul at 35’pt-Surrey, has already been booked. Red and white claimed the second card

33’pt- He made the whole wing, Salvatore Molina: Now cross from the right, but the ball is too long. Frosinone starts again, but from his own defense

30’pt- Barberis, Donati and Marron Bollokar jumped like pins, slapping Stirpe, one-two right-left in the middle and a ball coming out of the centimeter hitting De Gregorio. Here is the answer from Frosinone

Incredible opportunity to double 29’pt! Brown, vertically on the right, for Mota: The Portuguese extend for the Surrey, who cross the remote post in the area. Ball out from very little

28’pt-manjara acceleration and verticality are the determining factors of this first half hour. Ciurria, then Machin. Monza breaks when it goes through

25’pt-manja opportunity! From right angles, Barbaris seeks out and finds the second Sampirisi. Who flies and crushes, tell the crossbar

24’pt- and it always manza counter-attack, now with Surrey on the right: cross to cut the area, ball down and into the corner

22’pt-Manja is trying again vertically, coming in contact with Mota and Zymansky. Frosinone’s high center of gravity, now looking for playoff points, widens the space for fun

Rimpalo at the edge of the 18’pt-Lazio area, Donati crossing the defensive line from the outside, collecting the fat and kicking the weapon of Frosinone No. 1

16th – Gutti and Kotali, two fouls and two yellow cards for the hosts in one minute.

12’pt- Manjar round! Machin lights up in the middle, the ball in space that flies in the middle for Mota and throws him inside. Manja is currently the first in the standings

Crotone ahead with 12’pt-Cremonies, good news for Manzar

11’pt-Novakovich again: He receives and defends in the area, although Marron is mistakenly saved. Do it on the attack, when Grosso’s attacker had already faced de Gregorio

9’pt- Boloka and Jarbin on the left, Lazio players always push, still in the left lane: Molina and Donati in the final

7’pt- Zampano and Ricci, Frosinone struggle to the limit and Monza struggles to get out of their area. The pressure of the hosts is more in the first round of this match

4’pt- Nokovic with a header expecting Marron to ball over the crossbar

Value from behind 3’pt-ricky. Frosinone punishment from Trokar, then Novakovich expected. Corner for hosts

1’pt-party. Manja immediately grabbed the ball

Have a nice look at Frosinone and a sunny day at Stirpe

Frosinone: Mineli, Jampano, Getty, Sziminski, Kotali, Garitano, Boloka, Riki, Siano, Novakovich, Jarbin. Available: Ravaglia, Marcianò, Oyono, Kalaj, Cicerelli, Tribuzzi, Brighenti, Canotto, Barisic, Bozic, Manzari. All: Big
Manza: De Gregorio, Donati, Marron, Sampirisi, Molina, Seuria, Barberis, Machin, D’Alesandro, Valotti, Mota Carvalho. Available: Lamanna, Mazzitelli, Caldirola, Gytkjaer, Mancuso, Pereira, Favilli, Brescianini, Antov, Colpani, Vignato, Pirola. All: Stropa

From Easter Monday to April 25, Manzar Workholic knows no more rest in this crazy Serie B final. And after Angel’s internal draw with Brescia on MondayBenito Stirpe is back on the field in red and white Try and take the whole bet home. Outside of the opponent’s price, it risks becoming the finest race between Stropa and the boys waiting for today, Championship Finnish banner.

Pointing to Chiffi from Padua, only one instance with red and white

Yes, because veterans from Ciociari 4-4 wins complete recovery with Ternana In the previous round, they were closely followed by Perugia for the last effective place in the play-off dispute. Umbri, who, among other things, will host Manja in their final game of the season.
Thus it will be a match that is not easy to manage, in which he is called Daniel Chifey from Paroa. He will be accompanied by Paganota de Nocera Inferior and Sassenti de Modena. The only instance of the Chief against Manjar on 29 April 2012, was when he challenged the then Bryantio against Pisa.

In the first leg, a race determined by weight

In the first leg, Monza was able to get the best of Frosinone only in the 92nd minute, Thanks Mazzitelli And weight interference. Today is a challenge that will be played instead of comparing what is happening in other fields. Manja is therefore interested in the results Croton-Crimones and Leca-Pisa above all. But with eyes inevitably interested in Perugia-Parma, which Frosinone will look at with even more interest.

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