Modi de dir’n trentìm / 33 – by Cornelius Gallas

The 33rd episode of Idioms and Clich in the Trentino dialectical tradition

Like EL PETUM – Hard as concrete. The quote refers to the male gender in the workplace and was created and spread by a famous Trentino industrialist.

Thai fat in N gertiome – You have created a confusing “e non t’en vègni pù fòra”.

NO IS FAR EL GANÀSSA – Don’t be smart about bragging about something worthless.

FIÒL D’EC CÀN – What is no longer said in Italian and which is substituted in a much more obscene way with “the son of a bitch”.

NÉNTE that NÉN – Come on, friends.

TE CIÀPO PER ‘NA RÉCIA – I punish you like a child: I’m pulling your ears.

NE MAGNEN FOR LE BRAGHE – We’re spending more than we can afford. When it’s too late, we say “Ne Same Magnadi For Le Braghe”.

It’s there – It’s her: You know her by her behavior, usually hers.

TIRAR DE LÓNC – Don’t worry about anyone or anything. “And we’ll go straight,” Dusse said. If he had said it in the Trentino dialect, the crowds at sea would have laughed.

SÉT DEI NOSSI? – Come on? Usually it refers to a party, a lander, a gypsy.

They are not even from VÈRS – An answer is given when no one thinks of being “Nasir”.

When Bates le Core Drew breaks -Yes, who knows why one time trouble doesn’t come.

EL DIÀOL EL CAGA On The Museo Pew Gross – It seems impossible, but luck and misfortune almost always go to the same person.

Did you sleep with CÙL SCOÈRT? – He asks someone who is angry at the nonsense: “Did you open your ass and sleep?”

No it’s FA in Mississippi – Do not mix white wine with red wine, otherwise you will get drunk.

IS of CÒRNI – Alternative to “L’è déle bàle”: It is useless.

Son of a millionaire – When your eyelids fall out.

If SFREDÌS TÙT go that – The husband is told that he is late for sitting at the table.

Ah, if that’s what it’s for … – Strengthening phrases. About that …

Not set in SGASOLÀRTELA? – Went to have fun? Those who have been missing for some time and have returned satisfied have been asked.

No, it’s an arrow Joe Sarche! – Don’t swear, that’s not the case.

Lets hook on PEI – Hurt yourself.

You n Slambrot fat – You have done a worthless thing; In fact, you have wasted time and money.

You will be climbing your shoes – You’ve done a lot, you’ve done a lot.

Vedelen – What do housewives say to a butcher if they want a “calf”? “El me darega do ‘fite de vedelon!”

Money Make Money, POC Make PC – He who has money makes money, he who does not have money “skeletons”.

It is EN CIÙCIABRÙSCHI – She’s thin, thin, weak.

G’HAT LE GAMBE DE SÈLEN? – Are you weak? In a play on words it’s a question of comparing a boy’s puck to a “celery paw”.

You have Man de Merda – You’re clumsy, you can’t do anything.

In a star Colonel N. de Carreg he is the Phineas Colonel Cool Pertera – How to keep your feet between two stirrups. Greed does not pay, on the contrary.

HA CIAPÀ ‘NA SÙPA COFÀ A PÀSTO – He has learned a lesson that is for him.

EN DÓ GH’È LE BOAZE GH’È ANCA LE VÀCHE – Apples never fall off the tree. In short, when the clue is irresistible.

CUNEL DA CUÈRT – Cats. During famine, headless and tailless rabbits are sold …

Magnar de Strangolon – Eat quickly, “Butar zó en bocóm and go”.

SON STÙFO, AGRO and STOMEGA – I had enough.


Madonna! – Wonder word derived from the compression of the two words “Madonna” and “Ostraga”. A way to chat without cursing.

Te seye n sacran – You’re the one who gets the bad stuff out of people.

Javatun d’un Javatun – Todd is understood as a toad, thick, ugly, thin.

SGHIZÀ Come en CIAVÀT – A person who falls under a car rather than a toad crushed by a tractor on a country road.

Far away from the forest and dirty – It arises from the game “Tria”, when the opponent’s pan is eaten in each movement. Absolutely, when you make two deals with one contract.

LA G’HÀ DÓ BORE … – It refers to a woman whose thighs are as big as a tree trunk.

CÀO contains ÓLTRA – Down there, down there, where it doesn’t end.

CIÙCETE SU LA TÓ SHIT – Get yourself out of the “tatters” alone.

ÈSSER MIZ PATOrC. – Completely wet, like a baby. Either because you took a bath or because … you are incontinent.

SPUZAR EN BÉC came – It explains itself, even if very few people today have seen a goat live.

But if you know BÈM … – We want more!

It’s over – It failed.

This is my vargot that negates – Nothing is better.

Tun tan cotton – Cantilena Triter. It’s all written together: “Tìntòntèla”

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